May 17, 2010

Bumble Beans Basics Quilt Gather

I am so happy to have been one of the earliest to donate a completed quilt to Basics Quilt Gather. But sad that there are currently only a few more names listed after mine. So many of you have donated house blocks such as the one shown above, to Victoria at Bumble Beans and V. has been fast and furiously turning them into completed quilts.

But now, she and her co-partners at Basics Inc. are striving to collect 700 completed quilts to give to homeless families in New York City...and frankly, they need many more.

It is a wonderful and amazing thing to give a homeless family the basics...a roof over their head, a table and a few chairs, a mattress to sleep on, a few pots and pans. But when we give them a quilt, we give them a gift from the heart and the hands of someone they've never met. Someone who cared enough about them to want to make time, spend time, and give time as a gift to show them that they are cared for.

Victoria has now brought in some wonderful people, companies, and gifts to further inspire us into action. By being the 5th person (out of 25 immediate gifts) to send a quilt, I won a $10 gift certificate to PINK CHALK FABRICS and one of these people, through a raffle, will also win a gift of 5 Vintage Feedsacks.

At 50 quilts, they will do a raffle for two $50 gift certificates from PINK CHALK FABRICS and at 75 quilts, 2 raffles.ONE raffle for a gift package from PURL SOHO (worth $75) which includes Last Minute Patchwork Quilted Gifts and 6 half yards of fabric!

At 100 quilts, long arm services from COTTAGE GARDEN QUILTS,

At 200 quilts,

The Janome Memory Craft MC200E 5×5″ Hoop Embroidery Machine!

All it takes is a donation of one quilt! Mine was the little baby quilt shown at the top of my collage above. A new place to live with a warm quilt for a new sweet is that? It made me feel so good to mail it, but that family will feel even better to have a home of their own with a roof over their head.

A quilt should be:

Homemade clean, completed,
100% cotton
New or Gently loved

SIZE? any size!

baby quilts
toddler quilts
king size quilts,
whatever size you want to give.

ANY look or design or pattern
These quilts will go directly to families
that are getting into new housing…
Send Quilts to:

Basic Housing, Inc.
Attn: Rosario Golden / BBINC
540 East 180th Street,
Bronx, NY 10457

PLEASE Include
your name, email & address
and value of your materials used.

My little baby quilt is small. It only cost me $15 to make and a few dollars more to mail. But I still made it inspite of a broken wrist, because I wanted and needed to help. The value of the gift given is so much greater than you can possibly imagine. Please contribute as you can to the amazing work that Victoria of Bumble Beans, Inc. is doing with her Basics Quilt Gather.


Barb said...

There are so many things that I want to do but I need to be in my home to do week...yepeee

Junie Moon said...

You are such a good person and inspire me with each and every thing you do.

Finn said...

Sound like a wonderful project Michele, with or without prizes *VBS* Being among the 'missing' for so long, I hadn't heard about it. I have a couple of completed baby and/or snuggle quilts I can send. Thanks for the sharing. Hugs, Finn

Dena said...

Thank you for the information on this worthwhile charity. I'm going to go through my fabrics to see what I can put together as a donation.

Magpie Sue said...

I've got to go check this out... not for the possibility of winning anything but to maybe get inspired to create something to donate!

Clare said...

When I've finally cleared the decks and have got my act together, Qults 4 Leukaemia is sending a quilt to her.

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

Thank you so much for posting this Michele! We are inching up to 75 quilts... get in quick, for a chance at some other great prizes!!
one quilt makes a world of difference to someone who has nothing.