Monday, October 19, 2009

Howdy, Pardner!

Now, that I'm raising chickens, baling fabric, and walking around clucking, I'm definitely feeling a little bit country and not so much (oldies but goodies) rock 'n roll! And true to that spirit, I'm using up every single bit of scraps that come out of one already scrappy project and adding them to another.

Howdy, Pardner!" with a 'd' and not a 't' and said with a twang, combines three of my loves...scrappy quilts, cloth bags to give away, and little newborn babies. This set, ready to go to a new little preemie, with the hope that someday he'll be camping, fishing, and sitting by campfires roasting marshmallows :)

I not only took scraps from a previous quilt, but used many scrap pieces tossed aside by two other group quilters, pieced them together to make my own larger piece of fabric and made a little quilt bag.

Tuck the little quilt inside, add a little note, and lots and lots of positive thoughts...and off it goes to a brand new home and a precious new life.

And Finn that's one more comfort quilt done and ready to check off of my donation list!
Finn's New Years Eve Challenge 2009