Aug 24, 2009

Fiskars Rotary Ruler and Speed Cutting


If you've never seen, much less used a Fiskars rotary ruler, you don't know what you are missing! I found one at Walmart...on sale for $25. It seemed like more than I wanted to spend at the time, but now I absolutely love it!!! I'm using it almost exclusively for strips and strings cutting. I make the attached rotary cutter wheel go across both up and down and I've gone through as many as eight layers without too much trouble. Safer and faster than using a regular ruler and rotary cutter. You just lay it on your mat, use the ruler on the left and slice and dice like a NASCAR driver on a speedway track! Vroom, vroom!

I went back to the store for another one to give as a gift or as backup for the future...I loved it that much....and they were not only all gone, but even Joann's didn't have any in stock at the regular price. So...if you see one, I'd suggest you buy it! They really work easily and quickly! No more arthritis stiffness from repetitive cutting for least when I'm on the straight and narrow and can go full speed ahead!!! 

As seen here, my project (in between trips to ER's and helping family) has been to cut those 3" strips into 3" squares and quickly piece free form stars. I've been using mine all last week to make these 'fractured stars' for my last project...a little picnic quilt for DD#1. With the help of my speedy Fiskars rotary ruler...I still fit another quilt from start to finish in my busy last week. Full speed ahead!


Quilter's Review - Cutter-And-Ruler Combo Is Safe And Easy

Note: If you find one, please add a comment as to its purchase location. If you have one you don't use, please let me know so I can assist getting it to a quilter with a disability.


Dena said...

Often times when I find a new tool I'm skeptical to purchase it because I've had too many of those 'it seemed like a great idea when I saw it' moments. So it's nice when I can find reviews of tools before I buy. Thank you!

*karendianne. said...

Michele, how cool. I might have to look into this!!!

Karen said...

Thanks for sharing this! Will check it out soon!

Anonymous said...

Funny...I picked one up at Walmart that I thought was $25.00. When I went to pay it was only $15.00. Wish I'd bought two! It's a great tool. Terri

Unknown said...

I've purchased mine recently at the local Walmart for $25 this is in West Virginia. I really can't seem to get the hang of how to use it......

Anonymous said...

I love my Fiskars have gone thru 2 since 2001. I don't even use the ruler tho most gals in quilting and sewing groups do. I just line up the lines with the rail and cut my strips. I couldn't tell you how many quilts I have made using the Fiskars rotart cutter. I am amazed at how many sewers don't know it exists. It is true and moreover, SO SAFE. I give them for
gifts every Christmas. There is a rubber strip on the bottom of the guide that prevents the ruler from slipping. Five stars for this tool.
Trust me, I have bought a ton of things I don't use, this is a tool I use constantly. I just cut 8 different fabrics of 2 yds each into 2" strips in 3 hours with breaks, of course. Now on to Grandmothers Dream quilt.
Go For It