Monday, July 06, 2009

Queen Bonnie of Quiltville and the Quilters' Quest

We never spotted her last year....though we craned our necks, cracked our corny Oregonian jokes, and were on the lookout off and on, all day long. I was ready to yell at a moment's notice and shout out her name and royal lineage...'Bonnie of Quiltville!!!'...but alas, she was never spotted amongst the crowds of 12,000. Or if she was, it was certainly not by me!

But now, Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville will be in the Sisters Park for shady respite this Saturday, July 11th for some R & R before tackling the rest of the Sisters OR Quilt Show! will Gwen Marston and Freddie Moran, the Ladies from Gees Bend, and a bountiful bevy of American Beauties whose names you would readily recognize from quilt magazines, classes, lectures and blogs! It will be a parade of quilts, of quilting celebrities, of photo opportunities and of a horde of quilters and significant others beyond description.

If you want to join us, you just need to 'tie one on'...a red bandanna somewhere on your being and let me know ahead of time and I'll let you know where we are creating our official 'groupie formation'! Please do not bring pompoms, microphones, megaphones, large video or TV cameras...I'll take care of that ;)

Seeing Freddie, Gwen, the Quilters of Gees Bend and Bonnie in one much fun shall we have? So far, I've let 5 other Oregon bloggers know and I am further spreading the word. Comment here or contact me for more information if you're planning on seeing the show.

And what a show it will be! I know of a number of us that are coming from western Oregon for sure...Doni from the coast, Cher from Portland, and myself, Michele , from Salem.We are traveling separately.... one of us got into classes and lectures, two of us got tickets for the picnic, and all of us are meeting for the quilt show.We are all staying separately...leaving today, this week, or at the last minute....but all hoping to meet up Friday at the picnic, or Saturday at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. Let us know, if you're coming too and join our fun!

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Shown above: The Trio of Quilting Questers (Cher, Michele and Doni)


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