Mar 23, 2009

Journeys: E=Mc2

I am in denial. Major denial. I have been stargazing when I should have been grounded on earth!

For several weeks now, I knew that I needed to head north to Alaska again to help out my parents and be present for their 60th Wedding Anniversary in April. I ordered tickets online several weeks ago and then...time flew by. Now, it's time for me to fly, as well!

When Einstein postulated that mass–energy equivalence was the concept that any mass (me) having an associated energy and that any energy (mine) has an associated type of mass..... E=MC2.....means that total energy should be the sum of kinetic energy and rest energy combined.

I haven't been resting, I don't even sleep, and I definitely kinetic as all get out, but when my energy equals mass is multiplied by the speed of light squared.....I'm all energy and time in space, holographically displaced and dislocated and yet totally....stuck in time! I may have been moving at the speed of light, but I'm farther behind that when I started!

I have been frantically making projects to donate, reading blogs, writing comments, having such a good time visiting all of you, and working on SO MANY that I'd have something to blog about when I am really out of space and out of time and in Alaska! My light years are moving way too fast!

I got out my suitcases and I made some lists. And day, my journal said..."I leave in just 2 weeks!" and the next entry I was writing was..."Need to get all this done in the next 4 days!"

You could have knocked me over with a feather! That might have some correlation to Newton dropping an apple and a feather out of his tree and both of them hitting the ground at once. That's something I'm still staring up into space about. I mean...if that's true...and it is, then anything is possible!

So much, for looking at stars...the apple hit me on the head and I was knocked over by the feather. It's all Isaac's and Albert's faults' that my head has been in outer space!!! That and own Jan Mac...and her endless energy squared and then some...a wonderful blogger from Oz...and these emerald city blocks are heading straight to her.

shown above:
my frantically collected appliqued star blocks ....I thank my lucky stars and the heavens above that while I didn't get my pile of QAYG strings done into a top for her..... at least, I had these in my stash and now they are ready to mail. Dorothy, click those heels please....tada... to Jan Australia for Bush Fire Families.

Please run, don't walk, as fast as your fingers can take you to her blogs:
Sew Many Quilts - Too Little Time
and its Australian Bushfire Quilts' companion:

After you read how much this amazing woman gives to others,and not just to disaster relief but to the impoverished areas of East Timor..... and how she is dedicated..heart and soul to give to the less fortunate, you will scour your stash...just as I find something, anything you can send her. No matter how little time you think you's really just relative anyway!

and if you're wondering about postage. These 20 fairly heavy blocks cost me just over $10 to mail and will get there in 7-10 days. A US Priority Mailer would have been $12...same amount of time. But if you less weight/fewer blocks...get a free " mailer from the P.O. and use it as a flat rate parcel. Around $5 for anything you can fit inside it to the U.S. and about $10 for International mail. For only one block...use regular manilla envelope, reg. postage to Australia is about $2.50...same amount of time. Now, a big heavy, full size're talking serious getting it quilted


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Yep, it's all relative. I can relate, WELL, to your frenetic pace. How I long for calm and mellow... but then, really, do I? Do you? I think not; although, I do miss sleep. I used to like it. Dream on...

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

Oh I just love what you said: "I may have been moving at the speed of light, but I'm farther behind that when I started!" I completely understand that feeling.
I find it amazing that you are rushing along to help people in Australia while you are getting ready to help your parents in Alaska. You are such a giving person. Take it easy - the quilts and quilting will wait patiently for you. I promise.

Do what you need for calm and comfort, and don't allow it to stress you out. You need to rest and build up your energy reserves.

Oh yeah, and pack some applique!

Junie Moon said...

Your life sounds like my life. It's all warp speed and hard for me to slow down which I know I need to do. Anyway, your appliqued star blocks is an awesome contribution to an extremely good cause.