Dec 27, 2008

Happy Holidays

Sometimes things finally come together and good times just happen. My 'lost' for 36 hours family members finally showed up in Juneau, Alaska after a snowstorm from Salem to Seattle pretty much decimated their trip to join me in Douglas AK for Christmas.

One set went from Salem to Portland to Seattle, to Fairbanks, to Anchorage, to circling but not landing in Juneau, to Sitka to Juneau, again. They missed my birthday, they missed Christmas, and didn't arrive until late on December 26th. I could call it 'the flight to nowhere', as that it was certainly seemed like to them...but eventually, they ended up at their destination...and that mostly certainly was a 'flight to somewhere' as it was truly wonderful to see everyone again!

Others went to Pdx on the 22nd for a fruitless takeoff, but managed to fly out late Christmas Day. Another departed on the 26th after a horrendous drive to Portland and arrived in the middle of the 26th. They ended up making 7 different trips to Pdx for different people and we ended up with 5 pickup times in Juneau from our orignally organized 'all at once' plans! But at least they all made it eventually!!!!

Since their arrival yesterday, they have already taken a hike, and gone off on snow shoes or cross country skiis to the Mendenhall Glacier. They are definitely making up for lost time to do two adventures in a single day!!

I continue to care take my parents and enjoy just how much fun my kids and husband are spite of two of them having gone 36 solid hours without almost any sleep, only one meal, and being in 6 airports.

Christmas and my birthday were wonderful, in spite of missing my 'lost' family and we are all grateful to be together now! My folks are doing well, love the activity and we temporarily adopted a classroom mourning dove who sits in her rather large cage in our living room cooing, who-whoing and cackling.

We have a dove in the living room, a sweet little squirrel visiting almost every day out back, and a house filled with 9 people living here, and 15 more family members who come in and out with conversation, activities, and just plain good times for all.

So...all is well in our crowded, but fun filled Alaskan home! Hope your holidays were joyful, as well. Drop me a comment line and tell me what you all did this week...I'd love to hear from you, all


Quiltdivajulie said...

Happy belated birthday, Michele (when was it?)... and so glad to know your family finally (!) made arrived. Blessings to all as you enjoy the time together!!

quiltmom anna said...

HI Michele,
I am really glad to hear that your family arrived safe and sound albeit late- better late and safe.
Happy birthday to you my friend- I hope that you had some special things happen to you that made your day. You give much to others - I hope that you felt treasured and cared for.

It sounds like you are having a wonderful time together in Alaska. The weather certainly has had its way with interferring with people's plans.
My husband has left for Yellowknife tonite.
He is off chasing meteors and the temperature is indeed cold - 42 C. When it gets to -40 it doesn't matter which one it is anyway.

Time to go and work on the texture quilt- It is beginning to come together nicely.
Be well,
Happy New Year to you and yours,