Dec 13, 2008

Full Moon + Low Tide + Fire + Alaskan Beach = Magic

The full moon of Dec. 12th was the biggest and the brightest of the entire year. Because of the moon's elliptical orbit, the extremes of lunar distance from the earth are known as its 'apogee' (farthest away) and its 'perigree' (closest to us). On the 12th, the Moon became full after a scant 4 hours...making it 14% bigger and 30% closer to earth....than its lesser moons.

With the Douglas Island tide at its very lowest point and my beautiful Sandy Beach fully open for viewing, walking and dancing in the full moonlight, my sister-in-law and I went out onto the beach to celebrate the beauty, magic, and power of this amazing full moon.

We knew it was a truly magical moment when we discovered a beach camp fire fully built and lit...just waiting for us...with no one else around to enjoy it.

Bundled up in her Scottish wool coat, my own parka, and an inner kayaking jacket...I was ready for the amazing cold air and brisk walk. We did a brief ceremony of joy and gratitude and with arms spread wide, we danced and called in its magical powers of abundance...'fill us up, fill us up' as done in ancient times.

Walking as far out as we could, we were dozens of yards away.... on the channel side of the little Treadwell Mine pump house......which was now fully exposed for viewing, along with the old dock pilings.

We said a prayer for the 5 young people recently involved in a tragic gun accident in Juneau and sent blessings to the family of the 14 year old now who did not survive, and to the other 4 families, as well.

We talked about the 'power of 5' and how its energy leads us into taking dangerous chances we might otherwise walk away from. With groups of 5 we are more likely to participate and less likely to condemn, and more likely to make poor choices. In groups of 3, psychologically one is more likely to speak up and against.

So, tonight as we celebrated the lunar magic and beauty, we also felt sorrow over our shared loss and grief of this polarities of this season. As the winter light fades, and the days lengthen...we must call in our own bright lights and fill up the heavens and the earth with their power, their joy, and their beauty.

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Quiltdivajulie said...

Remember the song of Fievel the Mouse in the movie "out there somewhere underneath the same big sky" ?? The moon here on the 12th was fabulous (but we didn't have a campfire like you did).

Last month was my toughest, and this one is close behind ~ but there will be better days ahead...

Take care!!