Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

It's that time of year again! Time for 20,000 people (from all over the world!) to suddenly converge on the tiny town of Sisters, Oregon for the famous Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. Everyone should go to this least once.....and if you go back again, you know you're a dedicated quilter or quilt lover; because the heat, the crowds and the traffic, make for a challenging experience. It's challenging but it is also extremely unique and quite entertaining!

Sisters, Oregon is a very small 1880's styled 'Western' town in Central Oregon. It boasts a population of get this...1,460. And for one day in July...always the second Saturday of this month, up to 20,000 quilters swarm in and take over the town. 1,200 quilts are displayed,....on every single available surface that the eyes can see and the hands can reach.

And for that one day, the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show reigns as the Queen Supreme. In 2006, Gwen Marston and Freddie Moran came to town and had their own booth. And I missed it. Knowing that almost did me in. Seeing that belated photo of them smiling and chatting was like a knife in my heart. I had to try to go last year! And so I did.

I came home worn to a heated frazzle, clutching my little berry preserved jar of "Sister's Traffic" jam and happy I'd gone. Luckily for us, we have college friends who now live in Camp Sherman, just outside of Sister's. Finding a place to stay is probably the biggest single challenge for quilters. Most just drive in Saturday morning....facing the inevitable 'traffic jam'. Arrive early and bring water, walking shoes, a camera, and a hat!

I wasn't sure I'd be able to go this year, and we've only arranged things at the very last minute...but I'm going. I hear the 'Stashbusters' group is meeting at the Sister's Library at 1:00 pm. Last year the directions were to wear a red bandanna as identification. I'm definitely a stash/ buster, but not a card carrying member, so I wore wine ;)

I met Cher and Doni and some other nice ladies without blogs. This year's list of those who have posted as attending the show are: Cher, Doni, and (Michele)..all from Oregon and then Bonnie from Quiltville, Cathi from Ireland and Lucy from the Netherlands! I'm sure there must be lots more of you gals, whose posts I've just missed!

Anyone else? Leave a note!!!! And if you see me...say hello! I'm the sweating, red faced, hot flashing, little middle-aged lady who occasionally resembles the photo above.....carrying her 'Sister's Flying Geese' tote bag and a wine bandanna for identification!

This year's quilt masters include: Libby Lehman , Velda Newman , Jane A. Sassaman and Gabrielle Swain

my bag to recognize me by ;)
photos from 2007 quilt show
Gwen Marston, Freddy Moran in their Sisters Quilt Show booth 2006