Saturday, March 01, 2008

Printable Jo-Ann Fabric Coupons:UPDATED and CURRENT!

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Joann Fabrics Printable Coupon
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When you receive it, use this individually emailed, printable coupon on any one item or any one cut of fabric. May also be used with other coupons, one coupon per item, but ONLY if the coupons have different UPC codes.

Example, print off your own emailed coupon off and use it on 1 item. Use your mail flyer on a 2nd item and use the in-store flyer coupon on a 3rd item. Each item must be the original full price, not on currently on sale. It can also be used on one magazine or on a book, or even on a spool of thread.

Having posted many times on How To Get Free Jo-Ann's Coupons, I have been adding updates month by month to the original post. But due to the fact, that Joann Fabrics no longer is adding a printable coupon to their own home web page flyer, I decided to explain what they are doing now.

Originally, I was able to not only use my mailed flyer coupon, but was able to also use in-store flyer coupons and online printable Jo-Ann coupons...all at the same visit on different items. Now, Jo-Ann's is offering available for pick -up in-store coupons for 40% off of one item or one cut of fabric or foam and they are continuing the mailed flyers for in-store sign up.

Click here: Jo-Ann Share a COUPON offer for friends and family. Become a Preferred Customer and Receive your own printable coupons
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  1. Good to know - thank you. I've been very disappointed in JoAnn's lately. I miss Fabric Land.

    On another note, I correspond with two boys in Peru and India. You might be interested in knowing that when I am at a loss for subject matter, which is often, I come to your blog for ideas. You keep the ink flowing :)

  2. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Thanks for letting us know. I am a preferred customer but have not gone online to register the info. Now I know why those coupons won't print.

  3. I love Joann's. We don't have them here.
    Mama Bear

  4. Anonymous11:33 PM

    >While Jo-ann Fabrics and Michaels share the same owner,...
    Please note: Jo-ann Fabrics and Michaels Store Inc. do not have common owners.

  5. Anonymous3:20 PM

    this has not been my experience. As long as the coupon page has the barcode for scanning on it, no one cares about the e-mail address. In fact, many of the coupons say "share with a friend" right on top of the page. The 50% coupon you have posted won't work because the barcode is cut off.
    Also, I signed up with them ONLINE a few times - their e-mails show up irregularly, if at all. Luckily, I can find my printable joann coupons on the deal sites where a few nice people post the links or full images.

  6. Please note: My coupons are exactly as they were included in my e-mail...there ARE NO bar codes on the ones I just received and they DO have to be printed off on your own e-mail. The other technique/style is no longer available or least where I live. Thanks for a good chuckle though. The coupon I posted won't work, even though it is totally complete, because it expired the day after I recieved it ;) AND it said it had to be printed off an e-mail...not because I was withholding anything in anyway!And yes, they take forever to receive in an e-mail..hence the warning in the post of 4-6 weeks. The other sites that I visited were all past dated, which is why I keep posting updates to the best of my ability and knowledge. Good luck wishes for all continues :)

  7. Anonymous5:14 AM

    I love how much you share in your blog! Yahoo!thats all I have to say ;)

  8. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Thank you so much for the coupon!

  9. Wow, I wish I live where you live! Our local store (Springfield, Mo) not only won't let you use more than 1 coupon per customer per visit, they won't let you use coupons printed at home at all! Only the ones in the mail-out flyer.

  10. I love coming to your blog you always have so much to inform us with and always of interest. Some I already know but not always and that I like. Just keep it coming, Thanks.

  11. Anonymous3:36 AM

    Jennifer, I am positive that they have to take the coupons you bring in. Some associates at my store (St. Peters, Mo) have tried to pull one over on me, but if it is a company coupon, mailed to your email or your house (as long as the UPC barcode or coupon code is different and it doesnt say one per purchase per day etc), they DO NOT have the choice, per company policy. I would talk to a manager and if that doesn't work try a dictrict supervisor, because they are gouging you. Usually out of laziness, but some stores boost sales that way and its not right. Good luck.

  12. Will these coupons work on one bulk order of fabric... i.e. I know its says on one cut of fabric but if I buy 66 yards of fabric in one big cut, does that count? I am trying to make wide table runners for my wedding in September and the fabric I LOVE is 9.99 per yard (glitter dot organza) and I need all the savings I can get!

  13. Kelli...I do this all the time and one cut is always one cut no matter how many yards they measure off. You sure can save money this way!

  14. Thank you, I was searching all over for coupon and your site is the only one I found! Muchly appreciated!!!

  15. Anonymous12:48 AM

    Thank you, thank you! I have been searching for two days for a printable coupon.

  16. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Thank you! I needed to find a coupon for today, had deleted my joann email and this was a nice find! =)

  17. I wanted to let you know that your link for signing up to be a preferred customer does not work.

  18. Anonymous8:50 AM

    Joann's takes the 40% off coupons from Hobby Lobby as well. You can print those off from the Hobby Lobby website nearly every other week