Saturday, March 01, 2008

Printable Jo-Ann Fabric Coupons:UPDATED and CURRENT!

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Joann Fabrics Printable Coupon
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When you receive it, use this individually emailed, printable coupon on any one item or any one cut of fabric. May also be used with other coupons, one coupon per item, but ONLY if the coupons have different UPC codes.

Example, print off your own emailed coupon off and use it on 1 item. Use your mail flyer on a 2nd item and use the in-store flyer coupon on a 3rd item. Each item must be the original full price, not on currently on sale. It can also be used on one magazine or on a book, or even on a spool of thread.

Having posted many times on How To Get Free Jo-Ann's Coupons, I have been adding updates month by month to the original post. But due to the fact, that Joann Fabrics no longer is adding a printable coupon to their own home web page flyer, I decided to explain what they are doing now.

Originally, I was able to not only use my mailed flyer coupon, but was able to also use in-store flyer coupons and online printable Jo-Ann coupons...all at the same visit on different items. Now, Jo-Ann's is offering available for pick -up in-store coupons for 40% off of one item or one cut of fabric or foam and they are continuing the mailed flyers for in-store sign up.

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