Mar 12, 2008

National Quilting Month

March is considered National Quilting Month. As such, one Saturday in March in usually designated as National Quilting Day or National Charity Quilting Day. Internet searches have indicated that the specific date seems to vary. In the past groups have had quilt-a-thons on each of the Saturdays in March, but the majority seem to favor the third Saturday of the month.

In honor of the month, and celebrating my own version of Charity Quilting Day, I will be having a 'sew-in' on Saturday, March 15th, along with many other virtual quilt-a-thon members. For this event, and in honor of March as being National Quilting Month, I am working on 4 charity quilts at once. Two will go to wounded veteran projects, one to a "Hurricane Katrina FEMA Trailor Survivor" and one for our local hospital for the neo-natal unit.

Whatever the cause, the quilt, or the reason, it's a great time to fit a little sewing therapy into busy lives and remember others whose own lives are still more challenging than our own.
See: National Quilting Day for the history of the day, and a free pattern.


Paula, the quilter said...

One year National Quilting Day and My Birthday coincided. How cool was that?

Quiltdivajulie said...

Well said!