Mar 16, 2008

It's a (travel mug) wrap!

Having spent all day Saturday, working on four charity quilts for National Quilting Day, I was happy to give myself a few minutes of free sewing time...just for me.

I decided to make a quilted 'mug wrap' to dress-up a green Starbucks travel mug that I had won in a raffle. So with a 'little bit of luck' and some four leaf clover fabric I quickly made and quilted a mug wrap.

1. Using a corrugated disposal :( wrap as a pattern, and making mine a bit longer to best fit a variety of cups, I cut two pieces of fabric and one piece of thin fleece batting.  Quilt top fabric to piece of interfacing center fabric.

2. Right sides together, sew long sides together.Turn tube right side out.

3. Hem finish both ends and sew "hook and loop "closure tape to alternate side ends of band. Remember for a flat closure, the 'hooks' should be on the end of the top or right side of the fabric and the 'loops' on the back or the lining side. Check the fit before sewing down and add a second piece of 'loops' if need be, for additional sizing choices.

5. Add a quick coaster and it makes a nice gift with a travel mug. Or use it yourself... as I am...just in time, to take to my "Salem Community Quilters" group for St. Patrick's Day!
"It's a wrap!"

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atet said...

What a fun project -- and a great gift idea! I loved your sewing machine mat idea as well. I can see I have some more projects to add to the pile!