Feb 27, 2008

Show Me Your Ironing Board

The 'show me' game is going around quilting blogs once again. This time it's 'Show Me Your Ironing Board'. I've lost track of who started it, but I know that I was inspired by paula, the quilter and her own creation of a "double-wide" ironing board by her Car Guy to investigate my own sewing areas.

I sew at home in a cozy cubicle that was once used for Christmas storage, became an overnight nursery when I discovered at age 35 that I was going to be a mother again by age 36 and later became by own beloved sewing space.

My sewing haven encourages me to stay flexible and lightweight. If I gain weight, I can't fit in to sew and if I get too stiff, I can't bend under, around and in between the spaces and places I need to access.

My only home ironing board is in this little special space. She's partly under the sewing table and partly out. The part that is out is used as an all purpose surface, in this case I am felting cotton. Now, I know you think that only wool can be felted. But those of you who quilt know that you give a cat a couple of inchies of quilt and she'll have that cotton felted in no time! One cat felts in black hairs, one in white, and this one in variegated. So I have a complete fiber selection to choose from.

This ironing board is affectionately known as my 'single-wide'. At Community Quilting...downtown at a local church on Mondays, we are lucky to have a 'double-wide' like Paula does. This double wide was purchased by one of our quilters and can either be placed on top of one's own single-wide, where it fits snugly and doubles your space...or it can be propped on top of two chairs for an instant ironing surface.

Last of all, I have my portable u-haul. My beloved little traveling iron that I inherited after my last child returned from studying in London where it could switch from our voltage to theirs. The first time I brought it to group, I had a mind skip and couldn't even remember which voltage was which. I asked several people to confirm that we are indeed 120 in America so as not to use 240 and explode a dozen computerized sewing machines in one blow.

I'm sure that would have rivaled any shot heard 'round the world for all eternity and most likely ended, once and for all, my participation in group quilting...or at least ironing.

So, play along and show us your ironing boards!

shown above:
single, double, portable...
where ever I go, there's still ironing to do!


Paula, the quilter said...

You need to skip over to Libby @ Simply Libby and leave her a comment on the Feb 23 post. She is the one who started it and is doing a giveaway too. Love the 'double-wide' *s*.

atet said...

I love that double wide ironing board -- and the description you use for your single wide. I need to get a picture of my space. Hopefully tomorrow.

Libby said...

Wow - a triple threat *s* I've got your name in the hat.

Perry said...

That is very sweet of you to give this person a gift. I am sure she will much appreciate the thought behind it. You are such a caring person.

Tanya said...

That felting buddy looks sweet and innocent. My ironing board is so small I'm embarrassed to show it. Hoping to buy another one soon! (I've been saying that for 8 months).