Feb 1, 2008

Show Me Your Hearts

In honor of the month of February, I challenge you to "show me your hearts." The first challenge is to take a photo of a collection of hearts that you have in your home...any object that is heart shaped or has a heart on it qualifies....and your collection can be as small as a couple of items, to as large as anything that you might have and be able to fit into the photo.

The second challenge is to take care of your own heart. Promise, as I am, to do something heart healthy...whether the focus is on healthy eating, exercise, whatever...at least once, each and every day of this month. Doing something you know you should be doing or doing without something you know you should be doing without, in the first place :)

The third challenge is to use your heart by doing something special for someone else that you would never normally do. By this I mean volunteer for a project, make a gift and gift it anonymously, do volunteer work....something outside of your usual routine or one extra thing you didn't plan on making or doing.

To show your intent to join in and "Show Me Your Hearts", post a photo on your blog of your heart shaped item collection (any time this month!) and link back to this blog so I (and others!) can follow the link back to you!

Please include my link in every passed on link, so that I can chart the progress along through the month!

Fun, heart healthy, caring and filled with heart. Please join in the fun and go find those hearts...and yours...now :)

heart shaped hugs from Michele at:


Debi said...

The only heart I have is the one you made me, which I adore. Last week, I gave my gloves to a homeless man. It made me feel good and the look on his face I will always treasure.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Thanks for a wonderful post! I'll gather up the hearts around my house and get a photo posted in the next few days.

jeanette said...

What a great idea!!!I´ll have to "gather all my hearts" for a grouphoto for my next post!

jeanette said...

Oops..."grouphoto"?? Well, you know what I mean...