Thursday, February 14, 2008

Believe That "Love Is All There Is"

When I titled my sixth and final fabric art postcard in my Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative project Love Is All There Is... I was seeing the concept of love at its deepest and yet most intrinsically basic level of meaning and intent. Love is truly "all there is"in the deepest sense of the true, the creative, the essence and the unwavering root of all meaning in our lives. Without it...we are truly nothing, with it...we are practically everything. With the self-actualized belief and flow of the creative power and energy of love...we are enough, do enough and have enough. With love, we care, we share, we give and we treasure.

When one faces the challenges of Alzheimer's, be that in the self or the other, we know...because of love...that the self is the other. We are all connected, through our deepest energetic heartstrings of creation, to not only those we know for an absolute fact that we love, but to all that we feel for others, as we love.

Compassion is the art and the act of giving with and through great and deep emotion to others. And it takes endless love and endless compassion to face the trials and tribulations of any disease or disorder. All of them feel as if they are robbing us, or our loved ones, of all that we believe we know as 'who they are.'

With love, we can see with new eyes, the eyes of compassion, to know that who we love is still there, always was there and always will be there. Like all things of this world, the shape and form of things may appear to change, but the truest part, the deepest nature, their god-given and created essence...their spirit and their still the same.

In honor of my mother (who at age 82 is now facing those challenges) and in honor of my father (who is now 91 and her primary caretaker), I had created sixth fabric art postcard or quiltlet in my series.

This is the first of my fabric art cards to go up for auction (this past week) on Ebay, under Ami Simm's recently re-organized "Priority: Alzheimer's Quilts" through the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative.

I do not know who the person was who made the fifth and final bid. But I thank you and I bless you. I am grateful you were willing to spend the time, the money and the giving of the love you have shown by purchasing this small quiltlet.

I was moved to tears just having someone bid on, and purchase it and I am moved to tears still, by the very nature of this special project, by Ami Simm's commitment to it, and to the thousands of other volunteers, who like myself, have families that have been pushed into the cyclone's path of the journey of Alzheimer's.

I am especially happy that my first donation went for sale and sold...just in time for Valentine's Day. After all, I do believe and hope that you do, too...That Love Is All There Is." So, today and all days, I send out into the Universe my gratitude, my heart felt thoughts and my own little Valentine of Love created, expressed, and shared.

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