Sunday, January 13, 2008


As this photo says without words.... "Alaska"....I'm there (or here) or maybe neither here nor there...however, I am now in Alaska!

Leaving early Wednesday morning after a drive from Salem to the Portland International Airport, I took off...first to Seattle, then home to Juneau. Unfortunately, I took off three different times, three different airplanes...all from the same airport.

My first plane idled on the runway for 30 minutes, taxied to take-off, had a failing engine light, returned to the airport and we all disembarked and returned to the terminal.

A second plane was brought from the hanger, we all had our tickets checked, got onboard, idled for 30 minutes, taxied down the runway, had ANOTHER faulty engine light on this 2nd airplane, returned to the airport...where we all disembarked...again!

A third plane was called, we all got our tickets checked, got on board and YES! took off for Seattle. Only now instead of my perfectly connecting 1 hour layover, non-stop flight from Seattle to Juneau...I got what is known in the 'milk run.' We stopped in Ketchikan and some passengers got off, some more got on...and Sitka, some passengers got off, some got on. It added 3 more hours to the flying time :(

My poor parents waited at the airport in Juneau and I didn't come in for another 6 1/2 hrs. after my scheduled arrival time. Luckily, they went home instead of waiting all that time...and my brother and my niece came for me at the new time!

Since then, well it's been a 'busman's holiday' but I did get to help 15 school children rip out patterns for 'kuspuks' and we will get to sew on them beginning school where I will help out for a couple of hours a day.

Hopefully, I will also have better computing luck. My father's computer's video card went belly up, his keyboard malfunctioned and I am borrowing 'parts' put together to even type this in slow motion. My dad's tower, my brother's keyboard and my nephew's monitor :) This is the first day that I have had the use of a computer and happy to have the use of one !

More adventures to come.....
hugs, Michele