Dec 31, 2007

Should I Be Worried?

After writing the post about Oscar the Cat and his uncanny ability to predict the state of being or non-being of nursing home residents prior to their passing, I began to think about my own three cats.

I have always said that at least one of our cats in each generation is what I call 'a healing cat'. That cat possesses the unique ability of sensing pain and very carefully places themself upon the spot which hurts and stays there for a very long time. It is extremely comforting and gives one the feeling of being understood and com-passioned.

Because of this, I refer to this ability and to this sharing act as a feline form of therapeutic energy healing and I find it personally precious and delightful to feel this sense of caring from a sweet animal.

However, that being said, after posting about Oscar the Cat and his nursing home duty in Providence (of all places) Rhode Island....and viewing this older photo of my own three cats...should I be worried?

In order to properly assess the gravity of this situation, and not just my supine position on the should know this. Two of these cats are sisters, the other is the alpha female, and none of them ordinarily get along nor do they enjoy being in close proximity to one another....


Perry said...

Lol. I don't know, are they trying to tell you something, or is there some catnip nearby? I am laughing again, lol.

Tanya said...

I have seen a TV clip of Oscar the Cat and found it fascinating! Since you said this is an old picture I guess I'd not be too worried. You are just very well loved!

dee said...

You're too funny. We will keep a vigil-I'll be the one pouring the champagne and standing guard at the canapes.
Happy New Year, wishing you good things ahead in the new Year or , as my ancient neighbor says "another year above ground"