Nov 11, 2007

Transcendence and the New Moon

Friday, November 9th was graced with the glow of a new of the most powerful new moons ever experienced on our planet. As the new moon in Scorpio, it catalyzed an opportunity to open up and acknowledge all of the ways that we question ourselves and all that we question in others. We doubt, we feel insecure; yet we still have an innate desire to be free from the things that we dislike and a longing need to transform and to transcend to that place of greatness we feel within.

The sun/moon conjunction in Scorpio shows us our most egotistical needs and our emotional desire for maintaining control at all costs, even to others. Thus, it is a powerful time, a weekend of infinite possibilities involving the stripping away of the masks we were and who we think we need to portray ourselves as being in this world.

Friday was only the beginning of this catalyst. But it is a potent one. I could feel the energies beginning to shift and to change. I knew that many would begin to express their fears head on. I knew that blogs would begin to change, new headings, new formats, new topics, new ways of looking at why or how we blog and that I would be changing right along with the rest of you! I knew that some would feel the need to shut others out from their blogs, while others yet again, would want to open and include new readers.

Because the New Moon in Scorpio is sometimes referred to as the Lunar Samhain, we continue the place where the veil is very thin between this world, and all others. The same thinning of the veil that has existed through Hallowe'en, All Saints Day, All Souls Day, and Day of the Dead.

It is a time to open up our minds completely and allow transcendent understandings to flow in. It is the perfect time to face all of our fears head on and to make a commitment to letting go of that which is unhealthy and to bring in all that is healthy for both emotional and spiritual growth. And those, of course, go hand in hand with working on the unhealthy physical aspects of our lives.

Thus, I have shared posts about the meaning and value in old wisdom (Nostradamus: Images and Quatrains), a post about living healthier Dr. Oz + Green Drink a celebrity family losing their father yet joyously celebrating his and their lives Osmonds On Oprah . I posted about how we are making friends online and sharing not only quilts, and quilting, but books and projects They Named Me Marjorie, as well. And I love to celebrate holidays and traditions Mystery, Magic, Mayhem and Mysticism following a Full Hunter's Moon.

I am so very blessed to have met so many amazing and powerful hearts and spirits through my blogging. Each of you is a part of my whole. Yet, as each part is part of the universal whole as well. And all parts are connected. And as the saying goes: The Whole is Greater than the Sum of It's Parts.

And to me, by any definition, that is transcendence ;)

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