Nov 29, 2007

Helio Castroneves and Ali Vasquez

Shown here, a photo of Ali Vasquez, Helio Castroneve's fiancee of one year who reportedly ended their engagement several weeks ago under the pressures of separation from Helio as he participated in "Dancing With the Stars".

At first, Helio denied rumors of 'trouble in paradise' but when he was informed by reporters that fiancee, Ali Vasquez had already spoken of their break-up, he admitted it. "She's a great girl." He said and "I liked her a lot." He then just shook his head and didn't say anymore.

Ali, short for Aliette, is a fashion and jewelry designer in Miami Beach, Florida and had been seen on friendly terms with Julianne Hough, who at almost 15 years Helio's junior...but 'just a good friend' according to Helio on 'Good Morning America.'

Dancing With the Stars contestants acknowledge that Ali never attended any of the Dance of the Stars performances, nor was ever seen backstage. Helio's only explanation? "It might bring bad luck, he said. " Well, I think bad luck, or perhaps not!, found its way into the relationship, anyway!

Ah, the ups and down of celebrity romance! Well, Helio, voted one of People Magazine's "Sexiet Men of the Year" is now single and available again!

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