Oct 15, 2007

Marie Osmond is "Dancing With the Stars" And Has A Quilting Fabric Line

Today is Monday, and you know what that means. Tonight, is Dancing with the Stars. And, I must confess...I've been an addict since the show started...some seasons more so than others. Nevertheless, I continue to watch, even if I have learned to resist phoning into their call line! And trust me, for a while there, I was actually one of those crazed women with the home phone in one hand and two cell phones in the other ;)

Now, I am much more relaxed, maybe it was the cognitive behavior therapy books that I read on "coping with addictions", maybe it was those deep breathing mediation sessions, or my yoga or maybe the qigong. Or maybe....it was the realization that others had access to more phone lines...than I did. Whatever the reason, I'm just a happy, not obsessed, viewer...at least for this season!

Although, I have to confess: I have found that sharing common obsessions with others crosses all age and cultural barrier lines. And it can create interesting bonds in unusual situations. I once spent 20 minutes with our carpet installer (as he was installing our carpet) discussing the night before's show and debating the pros and cons of the stars' dancing merits. His carpeting assistant was just shaking his head, and needless to say, the carpet took a bit longer than usual.

I've joined in conversations about the celebrities' dancing abilities in grocery stores lines and at Costco. And much to my delight, I discovered that my 91 year old mother-in-law stays up a whole hour past her bedtime...just to see the show. And now, she and I have something more to discuss than how much her hip hurts or how lonely living alone is. I'm pretty sure that in her imagination, as in my mine, her feet are just dancing away. And knowing that, sure brings a smile to my face, too!

So, tonight, I'll be sewing by hand, here in Salem, Oregon, as I watch celebrities, like say...Marie Osmond's feet "Dancing with the Stars".

And speaking of Marie Osmond, have you heard she has a fabric line? Her beautiful fabrics are filled with paisleys and lace and are called "Heirloom Garden” and are part of the Quilting Treasures fabric company line.

Ah, I knew you were wondering what any of this had to do with quilting ;)

shown above:
Marie and samples from her fabric line, plus her Heirloom Garden Quilt Kit

Q: What are the names and ages of Marie Osmond's children?
A:Stephen (b. 1983) Jessica Marie (b. 1987), Rachael Lauren (b. 1989), Michael Thomas (b. 1991), Brandon Warren (b. 1996), Brianna Patricia (b. 1997), Matthew Richard (b.1999) and Abigail Michelle (b. 2002).

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Paula, the quilter said...

I watched two seasons and enjoyed it, but I also watched CarGuy suffer through it. I really don't watch any teevee except on Thurs. Gotta have the Survivor and CSI fix, doncha know? Tonight, tho, is a different matter. It's game 4 of the playoffs -- Colorado Rockies vs. Arizona Diamnodbacks. If the Rockies win this one then it will be the second sweep in a row. First Philadelphia for the wild card slot and (hopefully) Arizona! Next? World Series of course. MLB is great hand-stitching teevee I've found.