Aug 3, 2007

Virginia Tech Memorial Quilts: Update

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A quick update on the Virginia Tech Memorial Quilt Project for all of you who participated in making blocks for the 30+ prospective quilts being assembled by the hard working staff and volunteers at Grandmas Attic Sewing Emporium in Dallas, Oregon.

The quilts are still in the process of being documented before being assembled and quilted. Keeping in mind that Steve and Rachel Greco, owners of the delightful little quilting shop, received more than 500 pieced blocks from all over the world, we can all appreciate the time and effort required to put those blocks together and create quilts for each and every family affected by the horrible event at the Virginia Tech University, last April.

One of the most meaning filled things, that Rachel and her staff are doing, is the photographing and precise documenting of each and every block received. They truly felt that it was appropriate to honor and acknowledge each block submission by preserving both the names of the block creators and the a photographic record of the blocks they submitted.

Towards that end, they have created a large binder filled with completed block submission forms (like the ones we all mailed in) and any other correspondence material any of us might have sent, as well. As of right now, they have carefully removed threads from the blocks, pinned them to a neutral background and photographed them each individually.

When I consider just how much care and love has gone into just our donated blocks, and the process of documenting them, I think we can all appreciate the great love they are sharing, in all ways, with these quilts. Due to this loving process, the quilts have not yet been created, but that process will begin, soon. As Rachel says,"These individual blocks are already a moving testament to the power of the quilts and the fiber arts to help people heal after a national tragedy."

I think it goes without saying, that Rachel and her husband, Steven, are shining examples of the power of love, appreciation and caring of the art and the love of the power of the quilts and well, as their deep caring for the families of Virginia Tech.
my little collage of collected images
If you received VT fabric bits from me and created a block or blocks, I would love a photo for my own photo files.

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