Tuesday, August 21, 2007

String Quilting: Prayer Pocket Pillow

I have had a great deal of fun coming up with a design idea for my Pay It Forward gift. I knew that I wanted to make something either out of a heart or with a heart on it, not only because of my love for that shape and all that it symbolizes, but because I had a special desire to send healing blessings from my heart to theirs.

I also knew that I wanted to incorporate string quilting as it is my belief that each string represents a heart string sent out as a connection of caring. When I sew with 'heartstrings' I am creating a connection...both spiritual and energetic...between myself and the person who will receive the gift. I ended up designing a small, string pieced pillow with a pocket on the back.

The idea is that you place your prayers, blessings, or good thoughts for others, inside of the little pocket...as I did by tucking in the little card . I sewed my prayers into each and every heart string and as I sewed on the buttons and tied the knots in the perle cotton ribbons, I sent positive affirmations, as well.

My wish, for those of you who received any of my gifts, is that you feel the love created, as well as sent, as it went out to you. Whatever challenges you face, know always that there are so many others who care for you. For those of you, who received one of my pieced hearts, know that your willingness to Pay It Forward with me, will be payed forwards and backwards over and over.

I am grateful for all of my wonderful new friends in Blogland. I truly feel that I am getting to know all of you and care about you as the wonderful women that you are!
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