Saturday, March 24, 2007

Wild and Crazy?? I am a Wonky Wonked Woman!

Finn has let the cat out of the proverbial scrap bag. I have done my very best to come across as a wise sage, purveyor of endless wisdom and someone who endlessly seeks to do good in this world for others. Now, she tells everyone that I am 'wild and crazy and ...pretty much completely liberated.' So now, I have to confess. I am, indeed, a wonky woman.

Now, mind you...that is not to say I am a wonky tonk woman or that being almost totally liberated means that I am a loose woman. Being a woman of wisdom and on perpetual power surge highs has its benefits as does seldom sleeping. It also has serious drawbacks. I am beyond directionally challenged. I have always claimed it was because I was born upside down and backwards to a cigar smoking Cajun doctor who rushed me into the world on Christmas Eve so he could get to his Christmas party by midnight. My French mother was delirious, my Finnish Alaskan father was telling moose hunting stories to all who could listen ..and me, well all I could do was scream and turn blue. I have been doing it ever since.

It isn't easy being a light hearted 20 year old in a 57 year old woman's body. There are days, when I pass a mirror and wonder who that little old lady is, and then screech when I notice it's me. It's hard getting older because you have to run so much faster when you laugh than you used to have to when you were younger. But there are also wonderful benefits. You can be serious and deep one minute and a crazy woman the next and everyone accepts it because you are a woman of a certain age, in a life changing phase of her life, and frankly, my dear, when your're hot you're hot.

And yes, I have been known to rip off all of my clothes and go running out of the house when a heat wave hits and to spritz with herbal remedies in the middle of the grocery store. I like to mediate on the roof in my nightgown and garden in the middle of storms. I grew up in the 'land of the midnight sun' and my sense of day and night has been perpetually off kilter. I grew up in a town with 25 miles of iron ore and gold in all of the mountains, so now my internal compass is off and my sense of direction non-existent.

I used to say that I loved to sew but had no desire to quilt. I have been quilting ever since. My therapy group is my little band of community quilters. Unfortunately, like attracts like and they are just as bad as me. (Remember, 'bad' is the new good...) We may be in therapy together, forever, the way things are going in this world. There is always someone in need and someone who needs loving and comforting with a quilt. So we just keep sewing, and doing our therapy and there are days we laugh until we cry! If laughter is good, crying just might be better. I like to think of it as nature's moisturizer. Some of us do faces, and some of us do total body makeovers.

I have met a lot of liberated and wonky women through this blog. I think there is something that just draws us together here. There is a need for connection, and creativity in all of us and a need to reach out with those gifts to find other women, just like us. I am lucky to have that with my community quilting group and I am doubly lucky to have it with the women I have met here. Wise, wonderful, wonky wonked women. Thanks, Finn ! Now, it's your turn :)