Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Blessings of Gratitude

There is always the rainbow after the rainstorm, the sunshine that is needed to create the shadows, and the joy of  the birth of a new day, and a new world expressed in this one.

For now, we are blessed by the safe arrival of our very, very, first grandchild and unparalleled feelings of being so incredibly grateful, and filled with the joy of new life, new hope, and absolute and wonderful feelings of joy.

The hundred plus projects I have been creating over the past few months were in great anticipation of this blessed arrival. And therefore, there was a very special, and very important, and a very dear, dear reason for all of my sewing and quilting and yes, even some crafting.

Here is the little story quilt that I designed and created for her nursery.  Inspired by her parent's love of the outdoors and our sharing of those experiences, and our beautiful Willamette River that flows through our city of Salem, Oregon.

It shows their sweet and greatly loved 'furkid',  their incredibly sweet tempered little cat who will now share his love with a new family member and be her own little best  friend.  It has the added element of a little busy bee for our family and our new little Baby "B" Bilyeu. And two canoes to symbolize our love of the outdoors and all of the  canoeing and kayaking that we, our children and their partners love so much, as well at the lovely blending of both sets of new grandparents!  Flowers for growth and abundance and new seasons and new reasons to celebrate life and living.

Prayers and prayer flags fill my heart, my spirit, and my soul, with their intent and their manifestation of love and blessings and great joy and gratitude in all ways.

Welcome, little one! Our precious new and first granddaughter! We are overjoyed to have you safely arrive and be here with us now!

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  1. Congratulations, Grandma; what blessed moments await both you and your precious new granddaughter... enjoy each and every one! Hugs~

  2. Michele you will be astounded at how much you will love that that sweet little child! And a granddaughter, too! Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations to the entire family!!! What joyful news!!!!!

  4. Congrats to the whole family. There is so much joy when you hold your first grandchild. What a blessing. Love your little quilt. So cute.

  5. How exciting and wonderful! Congratulations to all of life is so joyous. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy and soak up all that sweet new baby smell.


  6. How wonderful! Congratulations to all of you. Enjoy that precious little bundle, Grandma.

  7. Congrats on your new little first granddaughter! You are so lucky to have her close by, to hug and and snuggle and kiss. Your quilt for her is so precious, and what it signifies is very special. Enjoy that sweet bundle.

  8. Congratulatioons on your first grandchild. A more delightful blessing can't be found :)

  9. Congratulations! A very cute quilt for a special first grandchild.

  10. How wonderful! Congratulations on your first grandchild.

  11. Congratulations, and thanks for linking up! I grew up in Salem and lived there until a few years ago.

  12. happy, happy event! I am so thrilled for you and all your family to welcome your first grand child! Life will be filled with even more love now.

  13. Te felicito por la llegada de tu primer nieto, yo tengo cuatro. Veras como disfrutas de el
    un abrazo


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