Dec 25, 2009

Free Quilt Block Patterns:Updated 2017

These 1,000 plus quilt block patterns will all link directly back to their creator and source of the design! I have been collecting these for a year now and they come from a variety of sources. I am just linking them! Enjoy!!!

*If any links appear broken, but I have left it in, it means you must sign in for free (McCalls etc) before you can view them. Sometimes, it means your own settings won't connect to that site.
The others link directly...if they don't, that site has simply removed that pattern or they have shut down or broken a link, themselves!Updated through 2009, 2010 and forward year by year into 2016.

  With Heart and Hands: My Own Liberated Rose

  How to Create an Free Pieced or Liberated Rose

List begins with a few most often requested sizes and themes and then switches to the large alphabetized quilt block patterns. I am slowly adding to each category, so come back often!  Scan on down to find just what you want.

12-inch Quilt Block Patterns

 12" Summer Winds Quilt Block Pattern *
All Hallows Quilt Block Pattern (two sizes)
Basket Quilt Block Pattern
Batik Unequal Nine Patch Quilt Block Pattern
Bow Tie Quilt Block Pattern (three sizes)
Bright Hopes Quilt Block Pattern
Bug Jar Quilt Block Pattern (8" x 12")
Bug Jar Quilt Block Pattern (two sizes)
Cactus Pot Quilt Block Pattern
Can't Stop Spinnin' Pinwheels
Capital Ts Quilt Block Pattern

Chariot Wheel Quilt Block Pattern
Chinese Lantern Quilt Block Pattern
Churn Dash Frame Block (multiple sizes)
Churn Dash with a Twist
Coffin Star Quilt Block Pattern
Comforts of Home Quilt Block Pattern
Crown of Thorns Quilt Block Pattern
Cut Glass Dish Quilt Block Pattern
Double Nine Patch Quilt Block Pattern (11-1/4")
Double Pinwheel Quilt Block Pattern
Dutch Pinwheel Block Pattern
Dutchman's Puzzle Quilt Block Pattern
Evening Star with Nine Patch Center
Flying in Circles Quilt Block Pattern
Framed Friendship Stars Quilt Block Pattern
Framed Pinwheel Quilt Block Pattern (two sizes)
Friendship Star Quilt Block Pattern (two sizes)
Girl's Choice Quilt Block Pattern
Goose in the Pond Quilt Block Pattern (11-1/4")
Greek Cross Quilt Block Pattern

Hither and Yon Quilt Block Patterns
Hour Glass Quilt Block Pattern (multiple sizes)
House Quilt Block Pattern
Improved Four Patch Quilt Block Pattern (11-1/4")
Jacob's Ladder Quilt Block Pattern
King's Crown Quilt Block Pattern
Mock Basket Weave Pattern (multiple sizes)
Lady of the Lake Quilt Block Pattern
Not So Much of a Trick Quilt Block Pattern
Ohio Star Quilt Block Pattern
Ohio Star Quilt Block Variation (multiple sizes)
Old Maid's Puzzle Quilt Block Pattern
Patchwork Cat Quilt Block Pattern
Pinwheel in a Square Quilt Block Patterns (multiple sizes)
Providence Quilt Block Pattern (12-1/2")
Road to California Quilt Block Pattern
Rocky Mountain Puzzle Quilt Block Pattern
Rosebud Quilt Block Pattern
Sarah's Choice Quilt Block Pattern (multiple sizes)
Sawtooth Star with 16-Patch Center
School Girl's Puzzle Quilt Block Pattern
Scottie Dog Quilt Block Pattern
Scrappy Stars Quilt Block Pattern
Ship at Sea Quilt Block Pattern (two sizes)
Shoo Fly Quilt Block Pattern (multiple sizes)
Simplified Maryland Beauty (multiple sizes)
Single T Quilt Block Pattern (three sizes)
Steps to the Altar Quilt Block Pattern
Summer Winds Quilt Block Pattern (multiple sizes)
Switching Crowns Quilt Block Pattern
Tea Leaf Quilt Block Pattern
Thirties Pinwheel in a Square Quilt Block Pattern
Wyoming Valley Quilt Block Pattern

More 12-inch Quilt Block Patterns....

Christmas Quilt Block Patterns

And in honor of Christmas 2009, Alex Anderson shared...for 12 days only....
Twelve Days of Redwork ..but I've found the patterns at my links below!

The First Day of Christmas
The Second Day of Christmas
The Third Day of Christmas
The Fourth Day of Christmas
The Fifth Day of Christmas
The Sixth Day of Christmas .
The Seventh Day of Christmas
The Eighth Day of Christmas
The Ninth Day of Christmas .
The Tenth Day of Christmas .
The Eleventh Day of Christmas
The Twelfth Day of Christmas
The Twelve Days of Christmas Center Medallion

 Free Quilt Block Patterns, Alphabetized Huge List!

1930's Square
1941 Nine Patch
25 Patch Variation
54-40 or Fight


A (Letter)
A Dandy
A Gaggle of Pinwheels
A Letter
A Striped Plain Quilt
A Triple Star
After the Summer *
Air Castle
Airplane block
Airplane Block 1
Airplane Block 2
AirPlane Block 3
Album Patch
Album Star
Album Twist
Album Variation
Algonquin Charm
All American
All Hallows Variation
All Hallows
All Kinds
All Squared Up
All Those Squares!
All Ways
Alphabet Blocks
Alpine Cross
Altar Steps
American Chain
Americana Charmer
Amerihearts at Home
Amish Basket
Amish Star
Angel *
Angel Babies
Animal Crackers Quilt
Annie's Choice *
Anvil, easy version!
Anvil 2
Another Easy Butterfly
Another Pineapple
Antique Tile
Apple Core
Arabic Lattice
(Isabela's) Argyle Block Template
Argyle Square
Arkansas Crossroads
Arkansas Snowflake
Arkansas Traveler Variation
Army Star
Arrowheads 2
Asterisks, the easy way
Atlantic Seas
Attic Windows Quilt
Attic Window
Attic Windows
Aunt Addie's Album *
Aunt Sukey's Choice
Aunt Sulkeys Choice
Aunt Dinah
Aunt Eliza's Star
Aunt Mary's Double Irish Chain
Aunt Rachel's Star
Aunt Sukey's Choice
Aunt Vinah's Favorite
Autograph Star
Autumn Star .
Autumn Tints
Autumn Tints 2
Axe & Churn
Aztec Logs


Baby Bud
Baby Bunting
Baby's Best *
Baby Bow Tie
Baby Basket *
Bachelor's Puzzle
Balkan Puzzle
Ball and Chain
Bambury Cross
Basket 1
Basket, big
Basket of eggs
Basket 1
Basket 2
Basket, Apple
Basket, tulip
Barrister's Block
Bars and Stars
Basket of Chips
Basket of Lilies
Basketweave Strings
Batik Bedazzler
Baton Rouge
Beacon Lights
Beacon Lights Variation
Beaded Chain
Bear Paw
Bear Paw
Bear Paw Variation
Bear Tracks
Bees and Fields
Beggar's Block .
Beginner's Delight Betty's
Belted Star
Bento Box Block: a faster and easier method
Best Friends
Big Dipper
Big Quilt Block Patterns
Bird's Nest
Bird of Paradise
Birds in Flight
Birds In The Air
Birthday Cake
B is for Butterfly
Blackford's Beauty
Black Lab
Blazed Trail
Blazing Star
Blindman's Fancy
Blocks and Stars
Blooming Squares
Blue Star Banner
Blurred Vision *
Boat, Sail
Bonnie Scotsman Quilt Block Pattern & Quilt Pattern - 10"

Boot, Baby
Bold Star
Border Block
Border Maple Leaf
Borders Collection
Borrow and Lend
Bottle, Perfume
Bouquet in a Fan
Bow Tie
Bow Tie
Bow Tie
Bow Tie, Folded 3 D version
(Three Dimensional) Bow Ties
Box Around
Box Quilt Block
Boxes & Bows
Box Kite
Box Quilt
Boys Nonsense Block
Braced Star Variation One
Braced Star Variation Two
Braided Star
Brasstown Star
Bridal Path
Bright Hopes
Broken Arrows
Broken Dishes Block
Broken Irish Chain
Broken Path
Broken Sugar Bowl
Broken Wheel
Broken Wheel Variation
Brother Bear/Sister Sun
Brown Eyed Susan
Buckeye Beauty
Bull Frogs
Burgoyne Surrounded
Butter and Eggs
Button Jar
Buzzard's Roost
Butterfly by Sindy, who has many other fun ones, as well!
Butterfly Block


Cactus Flower
Cactus Star
Cactus Flower
Cake Stand
Cake Stand
Calico Puzzle
Calico Spools
Calico Cat
Candy Corn
California Crossroads
Caned Seat
Caned Squares
Captain of His Ship
Capital T
Card Basket
Card Trick
Carnival Time
Carolina Lily
Carol's Star
Carpenter's Square
Carpenter's Wheel (Easy)
Carrie Nation
Castle in the Air
Castles in Spain
Castle Wall
Castle Wall
Calico Cats
Cat and her Favourite
Cats who Quilt
(Fat) Cats
(Fashion) Cats
(Happy) Cats
(Kitty) Cats Task-a-Day Redwork
Cats:Kitty Trio
Cats:Kool Kats Quilt
Cats:Paper Pieced Kitties with 3-D Tails
Cats:Pinwheel Cat
Cat, Dimensional
Cat Quilt
Cat's Cradle
Cat and Mice
Cathedral Window
Cathedral window block
Cathedral Window Tutorial
Cathy's Campfire
Cat's Cradle
Cats in the Corners
Cedars of Lebanon
Celtic Sunrise
Centennial Tree
Center-Nine Star
Center Star
Chain Block
Chain and Bar
Chain & Cross
Chain and Hourglass
Chain and Square
Chained 5 Patch
Chained Ninepatch *
Chef's Hat
Checkerblock Star
Chicago Star
Children of Israel
Children's Delight
Children Take Wing
Chimneys & Cornerstones
Chinese Coins
Chinese Lantern
Chinese Puzzle (Easy Version)
Christine Thresh Patterns
Christmas Quilt 2001
Christmas Quilt 2002
Christmas Quilt 2004
Christmas Star
Christmas Star 2003
Christmas Star 2005
Christmas Stocking Block
Christmas Runner 2003
Christmas Table Runner
Church Windows
Churn Chains
Churn Dash
Churn Dash
Churning Sun
Circle the Field
Circling Overhead
Circle of Flowers Block 1
Circus Time
Civil War Quilt Block Patterns
Clay's Choice
Clown Patch
Clover Blossom
Cobwebs Quilt Block
Cock's Comb
Coffin Star Quilt
Colonial Garden
Colt's Corral Pattern
Colorado Cabins
Colored Wheel
Color Me Bright!
Color Wheel
Colorado Pass
Comforts of Home
Cookie Cutter Nine Patch
Compass Star
Confetti - Free
Constellation Quilt Block
Corn and Beans
Corn and Beans Variation
Corn Quilt Block Pattern
Contrary Wife
Contrary Wife
Cookies 'n Milk
Corn and Beans
Corner Nine Patch Sampler Quilt
Corner Nine Patch Signature Block
Corner Posts
Corner Star
Corn Fed!
Cotton Reels
Cotton Boll Quilt Block Pattern
Country Charm Block Pattern
Country Nine-Patch In a Square

Could be Christmas
County Fair
Country Charm Block Pattern
Country Farm Quilt Block Pattern
Cowboy Star Quilt Pattern
Crazy Ann Quilt Block Pattern
Cross Stitch Quilt Block
Crowfoot Quilt Block
Crown of Thorns

Crow's Nest Quilt Block Pattern
Criss Cross Pattern
Country Farm
Country Roads
Courthouse Steps
Courthouse Steps
Coxey's Camp
Crab Claws
Crayons and Pencils
Crazy Amish Quilt
Crazy Anne
Crazy Ann
Crazy Patch Heart from Carol Doak:Click to download the pdf
Crazy Patch Block from Carol Doak:Click to download the pdf
Crazy Web
Crazy Quilting
Crazy Easter Egg
Crazy Heart
Creole Puzzle
Criss Cross
Criss Cross 2
Crocus Wreath
Crocus in a Pot
Cross and Chains
Cross and Crown
Cross and Ring
Cross & Star
Cross and Stars
Crossed Canoes
Crossed Roads to Oklahoma
Crossed Square
Crossed Square 2
Crosses and Losses
Crossroads 2
Cross Stitch
Cross Upon Cross
Crown of Thorns
Crown of Thorns 2
Crow's Foot
Crumb Chaos
Cube Lattice
Cups and Saucers
Cut Glass Dish


Dad's Plaids
Daffodil Wreath
Dakota Gold
Dark & Light Star
Darting Bird
Darting Birds Quilt Block Pattern
Darting Birds Quilt Block Pattern - Variation
Darting Birds Quilt Block Pattern

Darting Minnows
Dear Bart Block - Window on the World
Dear Bart Block - I Hate Spam Envelope
Delaware Star
Delaware's Flagstones Quilt Block Pattern
Denim Quilt Pattern
Denim Rag Quilt Patterns
Delectable Mountains
Delectable Mountains Variation
Delectable Mountains
Depression Block
Desert Corsage
Desert Flower
Dessa's Delight
Devil's Claw
Devil's Puzzle Variation
Dewey Block
Dewey Dream Quilt
Diagonal Paths ;
Diamond Chain
Diamond Panes
Diamond Spools
Diamond Strips
Diamond Star
Disappearing 9 Patch
Disappearing Nine Patch for Kids
Disappearing 9 Patch/Twist Turn variation
Divided Star
Doe and Darts
Dogtooth Violet
Dollar Day at the Races
Dolly Madison Star
Domino and Square
Dorothy's Star
Double Aster
Double 9 Patch
Double Chain
Double Cross
Double Crown
Double Four Patch
Double Friendship Star
Double Friendship Star
Double Hourglass
Double Irish Chain
Double Irish Chain
Double Monkey Wrench
Double Pinwheel
Double Tulip Quilt Pattern
Double Z Block Pattern
Double Link
Double Melon
Double Nine Patch
Double Nine Patch
Double T
Double V
Double X
Double Quartet
Double Sawtooth
Double Spinwheels
Double Square
Double Star
Double Star Chain
Double Stars & Diamonds
Double T
Double T Variation
Double Tulip Variation
Double Wedding Ring
Double Windmill
Double Windmill 2
Double Wrench
Double X-3
Double Z
Dove in the Window Block

Dresden Plate 6" pattern Dresden Plate 8" Pattern Dresden Plate 12" Pattern

Dresden Plate
Dresden Plate 12"
Dresden Plate 12" scroll down for pdf
Dresden Plate 16"
Dragon's Head
Drunkards Path Quilt Pattern (also Drunkards Path)
Duck and Ducklings - Variation 1
Duck and Ducklings - Variation 2
Duck and Ducklings - Variation 3
Duck and Ducklings - Variation 4
Dutch Girl Quilt Pattern
DutchMill Quilt Pattern
Drunkard's Chain
Drunkard's Path
Dublin Steps
Duck Tracks
Duck's Foot in the Mud
Dutchman's Puzzle
Dutchman's Puzzle Block
Dutchman's Puzzle
Dutch Mill

Easiest Pinwheel of All
Easter Bunny
Easter Lily
Easy Flower Block
Easy Attic Windows
Eccentric Star Quilt Block Pattern

Economy Square
Elephant Quilt Block
Eight Hands Round
Eight Point Allover
Eight Pointed Star Variation
Eight Pointed Star Variation 2
Eight Sides' Round
Empire Star
Endless Chain
End of the Day
Evan's Star
Evening Star *
Engine (Train block) p.p.
Everybody's Favorite
Eyes of March
Exploding Star< Fair and Square
Fan Quilt Pattern
Fan Quilt Patterns
*My Free-Pieced Rose Tutorial
Far West Quilt Block Pattern
Fat Quarter Quilt Pattern
Federal Chain Quilt Block Pattern
Firefly Quilt Block Pattern
Firefly Quilt Block Pattern
Fisherman's Reel- Free
Flagstones Quilt Block Pattern *
Flannel Quilt Patterns
Flock of Geese Quilt Pattern *
Floral Quilt Patterns
Flower and Fern Quilt Block Pattern *
Flowers and Hearts Block from Carol Doak Click to download the pdf
Flowering Nine Patch Quilt Block Pattern
Flutter Wheel Quilt Pattern
Flying Birds Quilt Block Pattern
Flying Colors Quilt Block
Flying Crow Quilt Block
Flying Geese Quilt Pattern
Flying Kite Quilt Block Pattern
Flying Kite Variation Quilt Pattern
Flying Leaves
Forest Paths
Folded Bow Tie
Follow the Leader Quilt Block Pattern
Fool's Square Quilt Block
Formal Garden Quilt Block Pattern *
Foundation Paper Piecing Quilt Patterns *
Foundation Piecing Quilt Patterns *
Foundation Quilt Patterns
Four and Nine Patch Quilt Block Pattern
Four Knaves
Fox and Geese Quilt Block Pattern
Fox and Geese Variation Quilt Block
Free Appliqué Patterns
Free Baby Quilt Patterns
Free Basket Quilt Pattern
Free Butterfly Quilt Pattern
Free Butterfly Quilt Patterns
Free Christmas Quilt Pattern
Free Crazy Quilt Patterns
Free Crazy Quilting Patterns
Free Heart Quilt Patterns
Free Lone Star Quilt Pattern
Free Ohio Star Quilt Pattern
Free Paper Piece Quilt Patterns
Free Paper Pieced Quilt Patterns

Free Pieced or Liberated Rose-Pieced block shown at top

Free Quilt Animal Patterns
Free Quilt Patterns - Paper Pieced
Free Rail Fence Quilt Patterns
Free Schoolhouse Quilt Block Pattern
Friendship Name Chain Quilt Block
FFrogs Quilt Patterns
Friendly Hand
Friendship Block
Friendship Circle
Friendship Name Chain
Friendship Scrap Block
Friendship Star
Friendship Star Variation
Friendship Star Variation
Fruit Basket
Fruit Bowl



Kaleidoscope, Glowing
Kaleidoscope Quilt Block Pattern
Kaleidoscope Quilt Block Pattern - Variation 2
Kaleidoscope Quilt Block Pattern - Variation 3
Kaleidoscope Quilt Block Pattern - Variation 4
Kaleidoscope Quilt Block Pattern - Variation 5
Kite Quilt Pattern
Kite Variation
King's Highway
Kitty Corner Quilt Block Pattern
Kitty Corner Quilt Block Pattern - Variation 2
Kansas Star
Kansas Star
Kids Cat
Kitties with 3-D tails
Kitties 1
Kitties 2
Kitties 4


Laced Star
Lacy Lattice Work
Lady of the Lake
Lady of the Lake 2
Land of Liberty
Ladies' Aid Block
Ladies' Aid Quilt Block Pattern
Ladies' Delight Quilt Block
Lady of the White House Quilt Block Pattern
Landscape Quilt Patterns
Lantern Light
Latticed Irish Chain
Lattice Square
Lattice Strips
Layered Star
Lazy Daisy .
Leapfrog Block Pattern
Leap Frog
Leaving Home
Leavenworth Nine Patch
Leaves and Diamonds
Leonard in the Sky with Diamonds
Leonard Flies the Coop
Left and Right
Lemon Star
LeMoyne Star

Liberated Rose-Pieced block shown at top

Liberty Star Basket
Light and Dark
Light and Shadows
Lightning in the Kitchen!
Lighthouse Quilt Pattern
Lighthouse Quilt Pattern
Lilies Album Block .
Lincoln's Platform
Lindy's Plane
Links Block
Lindy's Plane Block
Lincoln's Platform
Little Basket
Little Blossoms
Little Town Block
Little Lost Sailboat Quilt block Pattern
Little Rock Block Quilt Pattern
Log Cabin
Log Cabin Pinwheel
Log Cabin Variation
Log House
Logs in Logs Scrap Block
Log Cabin Quilt Pattern
Log Cabin Quilt Pattern
Log Cabin Quilt Patterns
Log Cabin Twist Quilt Patterns
Log Cabin, Heart
Log Cabin, Off
London Roads
London Square
Lone Eagle Airplane
Love in a Mist
Love Light
Lover's Knot 1
Lover's Lane
Lone Star Quilt Pattern
Lone Star Quilt Patterns
Lone Tree Quilt Block Pattern
Lost Ships Quilt Block
Love Knot
Lucky Clover
Ludlow's Favorite


Machu Picchu Star
Magic Box
Magnolia Bud Magnolia Leaf Quilt Block Pattern
Maltese Cross Quilt Block
Maltese Cross
Maltese Cross & Star
Maltese Star
Man's Hat
Manila Quilt Design
Many Triangles
Maple Leaf
Maple Leaves
Maple Leaf Quilt Block Pattern
Marcia's Whirling Star
Mare's Nest
Mariner's Compass
Mariners Compass
Martha Washington Star
Maryland Star
Maple Leaf
Maud's Album Quilt Block
May Basket Block Quilt Pattern
Mayor's Garden Quilt Block Pattern
Memory Block
Memory Chain
Memory Wreath
Merry Kite
Mexican Cross
Merry Kite Quilt Block
Michele's Star
Middle Stars
Midnight Moths
Midsummer Night
Mighty Star
Milky Way
Miller's Daughter
Mini Tic-Tac-Toe
Miss Molly's Garden
Missouri Puzzle
Missouri Star
Missouri Star Quilt Company Pinwheel from a 2 Squares ...might have been removed
Missouri Corn Field
Missouri Puzzle Quilt Block
Mock Logs
Morning Glory
Morning Star
Morning Star 2
Morning Stars
Mosaic Block
Mosaic 2
Mosaic 3
Mosaic Rose
Mosaic Star
Mother's Dream
Mother's Life
Mollie's Choice
Monkey Wrench (Snail's Trail)
Montana Mountain Maze
Moon & Star
Moon Over the Mountain
More Pinners!
Mother's Choice Quilt Pattern
Mother's Dream Quilt Block
Mountain Peak
Mr. Roosevelt's Necktie
Mrs. Hohn's Diamond
Mrs. Morgan's Choice
Mrs. Taft's Choice
My Blue Heaven
My Favorite Quilt!
My Lucky Stars
Mystery Block!!
Mystery Flower Garden Quilt Block Pattern


Navy Squares
Navy Star
Nelson's Victory
Nevada Trails
New AlbumNew Hampshire Star
New Jersey
New Mexico
New Shining Star
New Star
New Waterwheel
New York Beauty Quilt Block Patterns
New York Star
Next Door Neighbor
Night and Day
Night and Day 2
Nine Burr
Nine O' Clock
Nine Patch
Nine Patch Frame
Nine Patch Log Cabin
Nine Patch Star
Nine Patch Variation
Nine-patch: two blocks for the price of one
Nines Askew
No Name Block
Noon and Light
No Place Like Home
North Carolina Star
North Dakota
Northern Lights
Northumberland Star
North Wind
Notions .
Not Too Fussy!
NOT Your Mother's Turtle!
Numbers Blocks


Oak Leaves
Ocean Waves
Ocean Waves Variation
Octagon and Twist
Octagon Tile
Odd Fellow's Chain
Odd Star
Odds and Ends
Ohio Schoolhouse
Ohio Star
Ohio Star
Ohio Star Variation
Oh, Susannah
Oklahoma Boomer
Oklahoma Twister
Old Blue & Yeller
Old Fashioned Butterfly .
Old King Cole's Crown
Old Maid's Puzzle Block
Old Maid's Puzzle
Old Maid's Puzzle
Old Mill Wheel
(The) Old Red Barn
Old Snowflake
Old Timey Square
Olympia Variation
On A Clear Night
On the Oregon Trail
'One Block Wonder/Kaleidscope Style Repeat Block Pattern'
'One Block Wonder/Kaleidescope Techniques and Tips Info
Ornament,Star Heart
Open Boxes
Origami Star and Cross
Other Side of Paradise
Our Country
Overall Sam
Ozark Maple Leaf
(The) Ozark Trail

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Palm Leaves Hosannah !
Party Stars
Paper-Pieced Pink Ribbon from Carol Doak:Click to download the pdf
Patch as Patch Can
Patch Blossom
Patchwork Butterfly
Patchwork Strippy Quilt
Patchy Heart
Paths and Stiles
Path and Stiles
Patience Block
Patience Corner
Patience Corners
Patio Lights
Paws, for Obi 1
Peace and Plenty
Peggy Sue's Braids
Peppermint Spinners
Perfume Bottle
Perfume Bottle
Philadelphia Pavements
Pickerel Tooth Square
Picket Fence
Picture Frame
Pieced Box
Pieced Star
Pieced Tulips
Pigeon Toes
Pineapple Star
Pine Burr
(The) Pines
Pine Tree
Pine Tree Camp
Pines on the Hill
Pinkham Notch .
Pink Ribbon
Pins and Stars
Pins in Motion
Pinwheel 2
Pinwheel 3
Pinwheel 4
Pinwheel 5
Pinwheel(Missouri Star Quilt Co)
Pinwheel Skew
Pinwheel Square
Pinwheel Star
Plaid Paws
Plaid Scrap Block
Plaited Block
Planned Patchhood
Pleasant Paths
Postage Stamp Basket
Posy Chain
Practical Orchard
Prairie Flower
Prairie Patch
Prairie Queen
Proof Through the Night
Planned Patchhood
Prickly Pear
(The) Pride of Ohio
Providence Block
Providence Quilt
Puff Quilting (pillow quilting)
Pumpkin Block - Easy
Pumpkin Block #3
Puss in the Corner
Puss in the Corner
Puss in the Corner 2
Puss in the Corner 3
Pinwheel Block


Queen Charlottes Crown
Queen Charlotte's Crown
Queen of Hearts Paper Piecing
Quickie Baby Quilt
Quills & Arrows
Quotes & Notes


Raggedy Bricks
Rail Fence
Rail Fence
Railroad Crossing 1
Railroad Crossing 2
Rainbow Wheel
Rally 'Round
Really Split Nine Patch
Red Cross
Red Emperor
Rhode Island
Ribbon Cross
Ribbon Puzzle
Ribbon Star
Ribbon Quilt Block
Ribbons and Stars
Ribbons Two
Ribbon Star
Rip-it the Frog
Right Hand of Friendship
Rippling Star
Rising Star
Road to California
Road to Oklahoma
Road to Stardom
Roads to Rome
Road to Tennessee
Rob Peter to Pay Paul
Rocky Mountain Chain
Rocky Mountain Puzzle
Rocky Mountain Puzzle
Rocky Road to California
Rocky Road to Dublin
Rocky Road to Kansas
Rolling Gears
Rolling Pinwheels
Rolling Squares
Rolling Star
Rolling Stone
Roman Square
Roman Stripe
Rooftop Capers .

Rose-Pieced block shown at top

Rose of SharonRosebud
Round Robin
Row Houses
Royal Star

Royalty Block 911

Ruins of Jericho
Ruthie's Star

S:Sage Bud
Saint Gregory's Cross
Saint Louis Star
Saint Louis Star 2
Saint Paul
Salt Lake City
Santa Face Block
Santa Fe Trail
Saving Stash
Saw Blades
Saw Toothed Square
Saw Tooth Pinwheel
Sawtooth Star
Schoenrock Cross
Scottie Dog
(The) Scottish Cross
Scot's Plaid
Scrap Diddly
Scrap Madness!
Scrap Sampler Quilt
Scrap Patch
Scrappy Baskets
Scrappy Star
Scrap Squares
Scrap Zig Zag
Seeing Stars
See Saw
Seminole Feathers
Seminole Sacred Fire
Shaded Trail
Shady Pine
Shattered Star
Shining Hour
Shoemaker's Puzzle
Shooting Squares
Shooting Star
Shooting Star 2
Shortcut to School
Sickle Variation
Siggy Roads
Siggy Stardust
Signature Block
Signature Chain
Signature Cross
Signature Star
Silly Chicken
Silver Lane
Simple Rings
Simple Star Quilt
Single Chain and Knot
Sister's Choice
Sister's Choice Variation
Sister Star
Sixteen Patches Chain
Sky Rocket
Slanted Diamonds
Slashed Album
Snowball 2
Snowball Nine Patch
Snow Churn
Snowman Block
Snowman, Heart and Star Appliques Blocks
Soaring Past Time
Sock Animals
Soldier's Walk
South Carolina Star
South Dakota Star
Spares and Pairs
Sparks 2
Spider's Den
Spring Bloomers
Spider Web
Spinning Color Wheel
Spinning Four Patch
Spinning Tops
Spiral Log Cabin
Split Nine Patch
Split Ninepatch
Split Nine Patch VariationSplit Rail Fence
Starflower Block
Square and a Half
Square & Half Square
Square and Star
Square Bear
Square dance
Square Deal
Square in Square
Squares and Oblongs
Squares and Stars
Square Spin
Squares Upon Squares
Squares within Squares
Squares within Squares 2
Squire Smith's Choice
Stack n Whack
Stairs to the Stars
Stamp Basket
Star and Crescent
Star and Cross
Star and Feather
Star at My Window
Star Beams
Star Blocks
Star Chain
Star Cross
Star Crossing
Star and Squares
Star in Chain
Star Lane
Star of the East
Star of Bethlehem
Star of David
Star of Destiny
Star of Hope
Star Patch
Star Puzzle
Star Squares
Star Weaving
Starry Path
Starry Ways
Starry Web
Stars and Diamonds
Stars & Nines
Stars in Bloom
Stars in a Maze
Stars in Scraps
Stars in South Dakota
State Fair Variation
State of Arizona
State of Connecticut
State of Georgia
State of Illinois
State of Maine
State of Oregon
Steps to the Altar
Steps to the Altar 2
Stings & Arrows
Stone Mason's Puzzle
Storm at Sea
Streak of Lightning
Strength in Union
String Quilt
String Quilt
String Squares
String Stars
String Stars 2
Striped Square
Stripes and Nine
Stripes A' Spinning
Strips and Squares
Summer Night Star
Summer's Sun
Sun Rays
Sunbonnet Sue
Sunbonnet Sue: Free Quilt and Quilt Block Patterns
Sunday's Best
Sunflower .
Sunlight and Shadows
Sunny Star
Sunny Lanes
Sunny Seas
Swapper's Star
Sweet Dreams
Sweet Gum Leaf
Sweetheart Chain
Swing in the Center


Table for Four
Tall Ships Variation
Tall Ships 2
Tam's Patch
Tea Basket
Teddy Bear
Temperance Tree
Teresa's Guamin' Star
Teresa's Pinwheel Quilt
Tete a Tete
Texas Treasures
That's My Baby
That Thirties Thing
That Wonderful Fan
The Arrowhead
The Attraction Block
The Best Friend
The Bountiful Quilt
The Coast Guard Star
The Dandy Quilt
The Dandy Block
The Eight Pointed Star
The Frugal Patch
The Garden Block
The House That Jack Built
The Little Cedar Tree
The Margaret Quilt
The Marine's Star
The New Floor
The Night Sky
The North Star
The Queen's X
The Reserves' Star
The Road Most Traveled
The Square Deal
The Stanley
The Star of the Alamo
The First Day of Christmas
The Second Day of Christmas
The Third Day of Christmas
The Fourth Day of Christmas
The Fifth Day of Christmas
The Sixth Day of Christmas .
The Seventh Day of Christmas
The Eighth Day of Christmas
The Ninth Day of Christmas .
The Tenth Day of Christmas .
The Eleventh Day of Christmas
The Twelfth Day of Christmas
The Twelve Days of Christmas Center Medallion
The Two Dollar Star
The White Square Quilt
The Wishing Star
Thirteen Squares
Thorny Crown
Thorny Thicket
Thousand Pyramids
Tiny Tops
Tile Puzzle
Tilting Four Patch
Tippecanoe and Tyler Too
Toad in the Puddle
Toad in the Puddle Variation
Toothed Star
To the Nines
Towers of Camelot
Town Square
Traffic Circles
Treasure Box
Treasure Chest
Tree Everlasting
Tree with Presents
Tree of Life
Tree of Paradise
Tree of Temptation
Triangle Chain
Triangle Party!
Triangle Puzzle
Triangle Star
Triangle Trails
Trip Around the World
Trip around the world
Triple Irish Chain
Triple Star
Triple Twinkler
Tumbling Blocks
Turkey Giblets
Turkey Tracks
Turn About
Turning Star
Twelve Inch Basket
Twelve Triangles
Twelve Triangles 2
Twenty T's
Twin Darts
Twist & Shout
Twisted Star
Twisting Burrs
Twisting Spools
Twisting Star
Twisting X

U:Uneven Star
Union Square
Unnamed Basket
Union Squares
Upright Basket
Utah Sparkler
Valentine Hearts
Valentine 2
Variable Star
Vermont 2
Vice President's Quilt
Victoria's Star
Vines at the Window
Virginia Star


Wagon Tracks
Wagon Wheels
Walking Squares
Wampum Block
Wandering Star
Wavy Nine Patch
Washington Puzzle
Washington Star
Washington Star 2
Waste Not
Waterwheel Variation
Wavy Navy
Wavy Nine Patch
Wavy Square
Wedding Bouquet
Wedding Ring
Wedding Ring
Wedding Rings
Weeping Willow
West Virginny Moonshine
Whacky Logs
Wheel of Chance
Wheeling Triangles
Wheels in a Spin
Whirling Hexagon
Whirling Square
Whirling Star 2
White Cross
White House Steps
Widower's Choice
Wild Bears
Wild Block
Wild Cat
Wild Duck
Wild Geese Variation
Wild Goose Chase
Wild Goose Chase 2
Wild rose
Wild Waves
Wild Zinnias
Wind and Stars
Windblown Square
Windblown Square
Windows to the Sky
Wineglass & Bottle
Wisconsin Star
Wonky Spools
Wood Box
Wood Lily
World's Fair Puzzle
Worlds Without End
Woven Paths
Woven Ribbons
Woven Rails
Woven Squares
Wyoming Valley

Wonky or Liberated Piecing Blocks:

Asterisks by Tonya Ricucci
Birds, Free Piecing Tutorial by Lynne of Patchery Menagerie
Butterfly block tutorialButterflies, Wonky Free Piecing Tutorial by Lynne
Butterfly BlockTutorial by Mrs. Schmenkman Quilts
Charming Butterfly Blocks by Ferne
Crazy Nine-Patch Lattice Quilt by Oh! Fransson
Crumb Chaos from Patti at Quilting... is Still My Passion
Curved strip piecing tutorial by Brenda of Strips and Strings
Disappearing 9-Patch with Pieced Hearts by Block'n Swaps
Free Pieced Flower by Sarah (Kromama)
Free Pieced Heart...Liberated and Wonky Sharon of Indigo Threads
Free Pieced Letters by Brenda of Scraps and Strings
Free Pieced Rose Tutorial shared With Heart and Hands
Free-style Tree from Sophie Junction
houses (Wonky Houses) by Tonya Ricucci, the Unruly Quilter
Liberated Rose: Free-Piecing Roses by Michele from With Heart and Hands
Orphans Blocks Tutorial by Finn, Pieces from My Scrapbag
Red Cross Block Tutorial by Camp Follower Bags
Scrappy Heart (6 inch)
String Fish Aquarium by Ruthie
Strings ~ Hearts from Mary at
Letters. . . We've Got Letters by Sharon of Indigo Threads
Strip Pieced Letters by Brenda of Strips and Strings
Liberated Basket from Blocks n Swaps
Liberated Spiderweb block - no paper
Mary Quilts Wonky Rails from
Slash and Stack Wonky Blocks from Blocks n Swaps
Strip Pieced Letters by Brenda of Strips and Strings
Strings ~ Marys Patriotic Star from
String Quilting:Tutorial and Free Patterns
Three Ways to Wonkify a Traditional Quilt Block
Tic-Tac-Toe (8 inch) from Sophie at Sophie's Junction
Tiny Wonky (Maverick) Stars by Bonnie Hunter
Twinkle, Twinkle, Wonky Star from Sew Take a Hike
Waverunner by Victoria at Bumble Beans
Wavy Seams Log Cabin from Pink Chalk Studio
Wonky Alphabet Letters from Lynne at the  The Patchery Menagerie
Wonky butterfly by Lynne at the Patcherie Menagerie
Wonky Scrappy I Spy log cabin by Sarah, Kromama
Wonky or Liberated.... Letters. . . We've Got Letters by Sharon of Indigo Threads
Wonky or Liberated ....Strip Pieced Letters by Brenda of Strips and Strings
Wonky Drunkard's Path from Quilting
Wonky Houses by Tonya, the Unruly Quilter pdf
Wonky/improvisational log cabins from Jenny at Blempgorf
Wonky log cabin by Jacquie at Tallgrass Prairie
Wonky or Maverick Star by Victoria The Silly Boo Dilly
Wonky RWB Rails (PDF file) by Maryquilts
Wonky Seams block from Pink Chalk Studio
Wonky Star Block from The Silly Boo Dilly
Wonky Star Ring Tutorial by Zonnah
Wonky Shoo Fly from Sophie's Junction
Wonky Spools from Quilter's Cache
Wonky Squares-in-Squares Block from Quilt Dad

X Marks the Spot
X's and O's



Zig Zag
Healing Hearts Quilt Blocks:
Shown at top: My completed block for the Australian Bushfires--Quilters Can Help!
Check out additional free heart quilt block patterns for your own Healing Hearts Quilting at:
Flower hearts
Flower hearts II
Clear Heart
Pastel hearts
Broken heart
Valentine 2002
Valentine 2006
Valentine 1 - 2005
Valentine 2 - 2005
Candy Hearts 2006
Valentine 2007
Potholders Brown Heart - new Summerlove
Debbie's Heart block

Paper Pieced Ribbons
Rosie's Ribbon of Concern Quilt
Stack'n Whack Hearts

Sunshine Heart
HowStuffWorks "Quilted Hearts on Your Pillow Pattern"
Six inch Log Cabin PP
Another PP Heart
Snowball Block with Heart

PP Heart Blocks
Things From the Heart
Checkerboard Heart
Striped Heart
Fancy Heart:(error in cutting directions, makes 10.5, not 12.5)

Free Hearts At Home
McCall’s Pieced Heart
Get Creative Applique
Bella OnLine’s Double Heart Applique
Flag Heart,

Posy Folk Heart, Applique (click for pdf)
AmeriHearts at Home
Large Heart Wreath Block

Valentine ‘healing heart’
Mrs. Mary Cutout Heart (pdf)
From Oxford Seminary (a circle of hearts form a star in the center)
and photo
Quiltmaker Floral Hearts PP Heart can be a Signature Block Piece by Number, Friendship Heart
Piece by Number, CandyBox Heart
Log Cabin Heart Wall Hanging:
Patriotic Heart Star
Liberty Heart
HGTV Heart Block Quilt
EZ Quilts Heart Block
Here’s My Heart
Country Fare’s Crazy Heart
Flags & Heart
Four Hearts PP
Ute-Barbara Skjønberg, Norway
Heart Block
Quiltaholics Heart Block
Heart Block, Cole Brothers
Heart Warmer

Janet Smith’s Hearts
JC Quilts, Pieced Heart
JC Quilts, 1997, PP
JC Quilts, 1998, PP
Heart in Squares
Linda Lower’s Redwork Hearts
Warner Stained Glass (these could be pieced)

Mrs. Burns Chained Heart
Needle Crafter, Redwork
North Country Quilters Heart
Friendship Heart
Australian Heartland
Northwest Quilters Jeweled Hearts
Paper Panache Crazy Heart
Paper Panache Debbie’s Heart

Pat Patches Crazy Heart (in Portuguese)
Bypass Heart Surgery Heart, Photo Here:
Quilt Logic
Quiltalotamus Heart
Quilters Neighbourhood Pieceable Hearts
Quilting Arts Forum, Strippy Heart
Quilting Arts Forum, Super Simple Heart
Quilting Arts Forum, Valentine Block
Quilting Works PP Hearts
Quilt Pox Think Pink Hearts
Red Dawn’s Woven Heart (PP: paper pieced) Sandy Bonsib’s Pieced Heart Block
Sew Quilty, Jake’s Heart
Sew Quilty, Scrappy Heart
Sew Quilty, Strippy Heart
CHD Awareness Heart Block

Yvonne’s Heart 3
Yvonne’s Hearts 4

Old Testament Blocks
Walls of Jericho
Garden of Eden
Job's Tears
Jacob's Ladder
Children of Israel
Wings of Eagles
(takes careful placement)
Dove at the Window Joseph's Coat
David & Goliath Solomon's Puzzle
Rose of Sharon for filler blocks Possible Layouts
8" Block Option Tips for Beginners

New Testament Blocks 
(more advanced - assumes quilting experience)
Star of Bethlehem Storm at Sea
Palm Leaves Gethsemene
Crown of Thorns Cross and Crown
Fish Road to Damascus
Priscilla Bright Morning Star

Misc. to add into all lists above:
Applique Blocks for Elephant block

Circus Tent block
Juggling Clown
And finally, in this large list of free block patterns:

Block of the Month Quilts from Sentimental Stitches:

2006 BOMs by Susan Druding

Free Original Design Patterns

And from here in Salem, Oregon...our award winning quilt shop Greenbaum's Quilted Forest offers:
MYSTERY SCRAPPY SAMPLER II - an Internet Block of the Month Even a good mystery is better with a theme: Did she do it with Batiks? Did 1930’s or Brights lead her down the path of intrigue? Was the butler responsible for the shockingly beautiful reds and blacks? Join us for six months of secretive sewing, deciphering subtly placed clues (oh, okay the clues are easy…) Print out clue sheets, once a month, month, September through February, you’ll crack the case and come up with a lap quilt that reveals that someone was guzilty of making six different blocks from an awesome set of scraps!

Nancy Rink Designs:

Free BOM download blocks for 'Building Blocks' fabric kits available for purchase at her lovely website, check out her out!

Download Free Building Blocks BOM patterns

  • July, ’08 – block #1 instructions in PDF format (704k)
  • Aug, ’08 – block #2 instructions in PDF format (352k)
  • Sept, ’08 – block #3 instructions in PDF format (374k)
  • Oct, ’08 – block #4 instructions in PDF format (356k)
  • Nov, ’08 – block #5 instructions in PDF format (356k)
  • Dec, ’08 – block #6 instructions in PDF format (200k)
  • Jan, ’09 – block #7 instructions in PDF format (348k)
  • Feb, ’09 – block #8 instructions in PDF format (356k)

Ellie's BOM
Some are applique, some use embroidery!

Willowberry Stitchery Blocks

Mystery Scrappy Sampler 1 - click for larger image

  • June Clue Sheet Pattern (PDF)

  • May Clue Sheet Pattern (PDF)

  • April Clue Sheet Pattern (PDF)

  • March Clue Sheet Pattern (PDF)

  • February Clue Sheet Pattern (PDF)

  • ----------------------------------

    All quilt blocks link up to original post/designer. Please say thank you to those who share so generously!!!

    QUILT BLOCK LIBRARY: Links to original sites!!


    Breast Cancer (and other Cancers) Awareness Ribbon Quilt Blocks

    Cancer Awareness Patterns: free for personal use by Angie Padilla

    Paper-Pieced Pink Ribbon: designed by Carol Doak for Mimi Dietrich's Pink Ribbon Quilts book back in 1999 and made available by Carol for others to use as a free download.The block is made in two halves to make a 6" finished blockClick to download the pdf

    Heart With A Ribbon from Carol Doak:
    The crossed ribbon has become the symbol for support of many causes. The pink ribbon symbol supports breast cancer awareness. This block shows both love and support by having the ribbon placed inside the heart. The pdf file is a 3" finished size paper-pieced block (two on a page) and the second page contains the cutting list for one block. This block is for personal use only.
    Click to download the pdf

    Rays of Hope Carol Doak designed this wall quilt for a class on an Alaskan Cruise for a Cure (Breast Cancer) Click to download the pdf

    Have A Heart Patterns-New!!!!

    This collection of new 3" finished size heart designs is perfect for inserting in the Carol Doak Keepsake Cards. Imagine that friend or family member's reaction when they pull one of these cards out of the envelope. Choose the woven heart, the bow heart or the star heart to send a message of love and friendship. Click to download the pdf

    Have-A-Heart Block Designs In A 6" size

    It was requested that I create a file of the Have-A-Heart Block Designs in a 6" size. I try to please....enjoy Click to download the pdf

    Ribbon Quilt Block
    Cancer Ribbon Quilt Block Templates Pink Ribbon Block

    Michele Bilyeu blogs With Heart and Hands as she shares a quilting journey through her life in Salem, Oregon and Douglas, Alaska. Sharing thousands of links to Free Quilt and Quilt Block Patterns and encouraging others to join in her Liberated Quilting Challenge for the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative (AAQI) Help us change the world, one little quilt at a time!



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