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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Quilting Acronyms: Updated 2015

Quilting Acronyms
©original list by
Michele Bilyeu

Please 'Link To' Only: Quilting Acronyms: Updated 2015
My own compilation after years of saves and many of these I came up with!

    (RIP: AAQI=The Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative which ran from 2006 through 2013)
    • APQ=Auto Pilot Quilting: few decisions required.Shift into no brainer mode if you have that speed
    • ATC=Artist Trading Card used as an exchange between both paper and fabric artist/quilters
    • BGGD=Bagged=done deal, no regrets, just credit card bills now
    • BF=Background Fabric (thanks Quiltshopgal in SoCal)
    • BOB=Beginner's Only Block
    • BOM=Block of the Month
    • Brain Dead Quilting=Auto Pilot quilting on overdose 
    • BSS=Basic Sewing Supplies
    • Candy Bars=Stacks of 2 1/2" x 5" fabric packs, (thanks Heidi in Germany for + on charms)
    • Charms=Small pieces of fabric, usually 5" squares or hexagons, all different fabrics in the pack
    • Charm packs=package of pre-cut charm 5" squares: Mini's are 2 1/2"squares in a pack
    • CQ=Crazy Quilting (traditional quilt pattern with embellishments)
    • COC=Cream on Cream
    • DJ=Dear Jane (a traditional quilt pattern)
    • D4P=Double Four Patch  
    • D4P/D9P/D16=Disappearing Four Patch, 9 Patch, 16 Patch and D/TTV=D/Twist/Turn Variations
    • DIC=Double Irish Chain
    • Dimes=10" squares
    • DIY=Do It Yourself
    • DSM = Domestic Sewing Machine
    • DWI=Design Wall Indecision
    • EQ=Electric Quilting software, now EQ5,6, or 7
    • F8=Fat 1/8th or 9"x 22"
    • FART = Fabric Acquisition Road Trip
    • FIU=Finish It Up
    • FLIMSY=pieced top
    • FM=Free Motion, quilting random stippling,swirls etc: w/w/o dropped feeddogs, usually on a GSM
    • FQ=Fat Quarter, 18" x 22" of fabric, sold by unit
    • Frog Stitching=rip it, rip it....ripping stitches out
    • FW=Featherweight (Singer) sewing machine
    • FW=Fusible Web (take care to iron this one, sew with the above)
    • Giterdone=Get 'er Done! Term most often used for ancient or dreaded projects
    • GFG=Grandmother's Flower Garden, a traditional quilt pattern
    • GTMA=Great Minds Think Alike
    • HP=Hand Piecing
    • HQ=Hand Quilting
    • HST=Half-Square Triangle
    • HSY=Haven't Started Yet
    • Jelly Rolls=pre-cut 21/2" x 42" fabric strips, rolled up and sold in a set
    • LA=Long Armer, professional machine quilter
    • LAQ=Long Arm Quilting machine
    • LC=Layer Cakes, a pile of co-ordinating 10" squares
    • LQ or LibQ=Liberated Quiltmaking, free form quilting without striving for precision or perfection
    • LQS=Local Quilt Shop
    • MAQ=Mid-Arm Quilter
    • Mean Sandwich=quilting with one nice comment between two mean ones
    • Mind Sorbet= a project that is easy and cleanses your creative palette.
    • Nickles=5" squares
    • NQR=Not Quilt Related, as in board or group off topic, topic and it's opposite QR
    • OBW=One-Block Wonder
    • One Night Stand=a really fast project,often unplanned,may feel good now but not so good later
    • Orphans=leftovers in LQ ,happily co-exist without judgement or prejudice of any kind in PD
    • OSMG=old sewing machine guy, your go-to fellow for repairs
    • OT=quilters talking off topic constitute 99% of classtime but you learn a lot
    • PD= Parts Dept: collaborative quilting term for pre-made blocks, sashings, bindings or trim pieces that can be put together and live in harmony in new quilts. First used by Gwen Marston and Freddy Moran in their Collaborative Quilting books.
    • PFD=fabric that is Prepared For Dying
    • PHD=Project Half Done
    • PIGS=Projects in Grocery Sacks
    • PIM=Project in Mind
    • PIPs=Project in Progress
    • PITs=Projects in Totes
    • PIW=Project in Waiting (not yet a WIP)
    • PP=Paper Piecing
    • QADD=Quilter's Attention Deficit Disorder speaks for itself. Guilty as charged! (GAC)
    • QAYG=Quilt As You Go: sewing together one QS to another to another to another
    • QS=Quilt Sandwich: Top and Bottom with batty goods in the middle to make a quilt
    • QUIMM=Quilt In My Mind (only)
    • QUTD=Question Of The Day: quilting group or board top for discussion that day
    • QR=Quilt Related and NQR: it's opposite
    • Quilt Candy=Small charm pieces of fabric, folded up to look like candy
    • QST=Quarter Square Triangles
    • RR=Round Robin (quilt exchange, passing around a group taking turns with it)
    • RS=Rote Sewing: quilters on auto pilot, drugs, or asleep at the flywheel
    • SABLE=Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy
    • SAQM=Small Arm Quilting Machine
    • SaS=Steam a Seam iron on double faced interfacing/non stitching product
    • SEX=Stash Enhancing eXperience (or eXcursion)
    • SID=Stitch In (the) Ditch, quilting technique
    • Siggies=Squares of fabric with signatures and other info on them
    • SnW=Stack 'n Whack, pile them up and cut them all at once block pattern
    • SOZZLD=SO.. ZZed.. Left Everything Disastered=for Clare ( more wine/whine)
    • SQ=Simply Quilts
    • Squishy=Envelopes filled with swap fabric or gifts sent/received in the mail
    • STASH=Special Treasures All Secretly Hidden
    • SUI=Shopping Under Influence (usually with a friend)
    • SWAN=Swap Without a Name
    • TBQ=To Be Quilted
    • TGIF=Thank Goodness It’s Finished!
    • TIC=Triple Irish Chain, a traditional quilt pattern
    • TFQ=The Fabric know who she is.
    • TOAD=Trashed Object Abandoned in Disgust
    • TOT=Tone-on-Tone
    • TUFO=Tuesday UFO night, also WUFO etc.
    • Turnovers=6"triangles fabrics in a pack
    • UFO=UnFinished Object
    • USO=UnStarted Object
    • WHIM=Work Hidden In Mind
    • WHIMM=Work Hidden In My Mind
    • WIP=Work In Progress
    • WISP=Work In Slow Progress
    • WIVSP=Work In Very Slow Progress
    • WIWMI=Wish It Would Make Itself
    • WOA=Work Of Art
    • WOF=Width of Fabric
    • WOMBAT=Waste of Money, Batting, and Time
    • WOW=White On White
    • WWIT=What Was I Thinking
    • WWO=Going to Quilt Shop "WWO"..with or without you!
    • VIP=Very Import Project
    • YBR=Yellow Brick Road, a popular quilting pattern
    • YoYo=a circle of fabric, gathered and sewn into a puffy circle; also one who makes them
    • ZZPD=Zipped, need just a little nap before I'm BGGD..bagged
    • ZZPPD=Zapped, hit the wall, now assuming prone position

    • ZZZAPB=ZeeeZaPhotoBelow (Clare passed the wine. Clare!!)
    • 401 F=Fabric for Retirement
    • 401 P= Patterns for retirement
    • ........ 

    But the I've got the
    Quilting Acronyms: Updated for 2015

    © This compilation by Michele M. Bilyeu 2007,2010,2014,2015