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Sunday, July 07, 2019

My Daughter's Cancer Diagnosis

My daughter's recent discovery and diagnosis of a very challenging and advanced form of breast cancer has quite frankly devastated our entire family.

Our immediate reaction was gratitide that a car accident had created a need for a physical exam that found this already large and advanced stage of cancer.

She has extensively researched and reached out for help and from her primary care physician on, has connected with top notch doctors in the Eugene, Oregon area.

Along with her primary care physician, she has worked diligently to find a good diagnostic testing center, a highly skilled surgeon, and a very skilled oncologist that have all worked together to make and hold space for her in their incredibly busy schedules and full calendars.

They have repeatedly scheduled and rescheduled appointments as spots became available by moving up extensive physical, laboratory, bone, heart, and detailed genetics testing as quickly as possible to see if she is able to undergo the rigorously demanding and intensively extensive approach required to attack the rapid growth of  this specifically difficult  cancer.

Please envision love, light, and angelic helpers of all kinds, from all faiths, by any name that symbolizes the Divine, from all dimensions of spiritually conscious and caring beings as working in unity and finding ways to treat, heal, and create a full and complete remission from Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, HER2 (ER+PR+) Stage 3 with any and all multiple lymph glands or other spots or areas involved. 


For this I pray today and everyday in every way that she will continue to receive help, heal, and get better and better through infinite grace, mercy, divine help and spiritual and physical healing.

Bless and thank you for your kind thoughts, comments or help of any kind during this incredibly challenging time.


I will post when, and as I am able to, as of course I am focusing on my family, my children and very young grandchildren-- as we process, care for, support and help her,  (and of course each other) as much as we possibly can.

Please include my daughter and all who face any and all forms of cancer and other challenges and disease.

I am so incredibly proud of her strength, fortitude, bravery, and willingness to ask for and reach out for support and and badly needed financial support. 

Please do visit her Go Fund Me page she set up at the 

Can you help?
Trust me when I tell you that no amount is too small to be enormously appreciated.

Thank you.

Terin's Medical, Health, and Healing Go Fund Me Page

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