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Friday, July 15, 2022

Thoughts on The Butterfly + Butterfly Quilts

Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your
grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.

~Nathaniel Hawthorne

The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.

~Rabindranath Tagore

Just living is not enough,” said the butterfly, “one must have
sunshine, freedom and a little flower.”

~Hans Christian Anderson

We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever.

~Carl Sagan

This great purple butterfly,
In the prison of my hands,
Has a learning in his eye
Not a poor fool understands.

~William Butler Yeats, “Another Song of a Fool”

Not quite birds, as they were not quite flowers, mysterious and
fascinating as are all indeterminate creatures.

~Elizabeth Goudge

The butterfly, a cabbage-white,
(His honest idiocy of flight)
Will never now, it is too late,
Master the art of flying straight.

~Robert Graves, “Flying Crooked”

Know thyself!  A maxim as pernicious as it is ugly.  Whoever observes
himself arrests his own development.  A caterpillar who wanted to know
itself well would never become a butterfly.

~Andre Gide

Do ye not comprehend that we are worms,
Born to bring forth the angelic butterfly
That flieth unto judgment without screen?

~Dante Alighieri

Bees sip honey from flowers and hum their thanks when they leave.
The gaudy butterfly is sure that the flowers owe thanks to him.

~Rabindranath Tagore
 Stray Birds

We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes
it has gone through to achieve that beauty.

~Maya Angelou

The fluttering of a butterfly’s wings can effect climate changes on the
other side of the planet.

~Paul Erlich

And the case of butterflies so rich it looks
As if all summer settled there and died.

~Philip Larkin, “Autumn”

Once I read a story about a butterfly in the subway, and today I saw one.  
It got on at 42nd, and off at 59th, where, I assume it was going
to Bloomingdales to buy a hat that will turn out to be a mistake – as
almost all hats are.

~Nikolaus Laszlo, Nora Ephron, and Delia Ephron

Butterfly quilts are still much sought after and beautifully popular. As symbols of re-birth and metamorphosis, we are drawn to their symbolic imagery of awakening to a new life, new opportunities and the chance to be 'born again' into all that we wish and dream we might become.

Butterfly Quilt:filled with colorful butterflies & easy to follow pattern by Janel Lyles.

Download Instructions Click here to download a pdf.

B is for Butterfly:

Colorful Butterfly: easy butterfly block

Another Easy Butterfly: quick and easy butterfly block.

Batik Butterflies with a hint of an Amish look.

Butterfly Quilt Block Pattern: jiffy instructions from McCalls.

Jewel Butterfly Quilt Pattern :one applique shape, embellished with embroidery

Fluttering Butterfly: quilt block that is great for the beginner.

Tutorial by Lynne of the Patcherie Menagerie

Butterfly BlockTutorial by Mrs. Schmenkman Quilts

Charming Butterfly Blocks by Ferne

Zen Garden Butterfly: free butterfly quilt pattern courtesy of Jane Sassaman

From Michele Bilyeu Creates With Heart and Hands:

Complete List by Themes:

Michele Bilyeu Creates With Heart and Hands as she shares her imaginative, magical, and healing journey from Alaska to Oregon. Creating, designing, sewing, quilting, and wildcrafting, from my heart and with my hands

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I blog on a Galaxy Note 9 mobile phone using only mobile data. signal in a no wifi available home.
 Not easy but I am a determined woman who doesn't give up easily 🤣

Friday, April 05, 2019

Liberated Improvisational Quilting: Free Tutorials, Ideas, Links (Updated 2019)


Wonky Stars, Hearts, Letters, Houses, Crosses, Asterisks, People, Flowers, Churn dashes and More!


adjective as originally described, published, and illustrated at

1) rickety, shaky, wobbly, wonky; inclined to shake as from weakness or defect;

"a rickety table"; "a wobbly chair with shaky legs"; "the ladder felt a
little wobbly"; "the bridge still stands though one of the arches is

2) askew, awry(p), cockeyed, lopsided, wonky, skew-whiffturned or twisted toward one side;

Great List of Wonky, Free-Pieced, or Liberated Quilt Block Patterns, Techniques or Ideas:

(Please note:  As quilters get book deals, some of these tutorials may end up being removed from the free realm of their blogs in order to fulfill publishing obligations)

A is For Alphabet by Lynne of the Patcherie Menagerie...learn the ABC's of piecing letters!

*All Red Letter Challenge and Learn Alphabet Letters Posts from Lynne

Asterisks by Tonya Ricucci

Baskets from Basket Full of Scraps by Sujata

How to Construct a Wonky or Liberated Basket Block

Be Still My Heart Quilt Tutorial by Jacquie Gehring of Tallgrass Prairie

Birds, Free Piecing Tutorial by Lynne of Patchery Menagerie

Broken Cogs Quilt Tutorial by Jacquie of Tallgrass Prairie

Butterflies, Wonky Free Piecing Tutorial by Lynne

Butterfly BlockTutorial by Mrs. Schmenkman Quilts

Charming Butterfly Blocks by Ferne


Chickens 2 Chickens3 and Rooster ideas for making them, from Joyce of J's Quilts


Cross Blocks, Quilts, Directions and Tutorials! From this blog With Heart and Hands!

  Cross or Plus Quilts: Free Patterns

  Designing a Liberated Cross Block and Quilt

  Making Mary Lou Weidman's Cross Quilt

Our Dear Liberated Friend, Rosalyn Manese's, created this Churn Dash Quilt for her Grandson Jacob.

We miss you, Roz! You lived a giving and caring life 💜

Churn Dash..liberate that block!

Churn Dash by Sew JOY Creations

A wonky square ..cross or this easy! 
Cross or Plus...from this blog..With Heart and Hands at post:
Basics for Making a Cross, Plus, or "Arithmetic" Quilt

And Look how easy it would be to then create this!


Make your own wonky nine patches this easily!
(Use my cutting diagram above but cross cut that solid vertical piece!)

Crazy Nine-Patch Lattice Quilt
by Oh! Fransson

Cross Blocks by Lollyquiltz

Crumb Chaos from Patti at Quilting... is Still My Passion

*Crumb Quilting from Jo with astart to finish tutorial

Crumby Heart Tutorial from Tonya

Curved strip piecing tutorial by Brenda of Strips and Strings

Disappearing 9-Patch with Pieced Hearts by Block'n Swaps

Liberated Flying Geese Tutorial

Pieced Chevron...A Tutorial by Jacquie of Tallgrass Prairie

Free Pieced Flower by Sarah (Kromama)

Free Pieced Heart by Sharon of Indigo Threads

Free Pieced Letters by Brenda of Scraps and Strings

Free Pieced Rose Tutorial shared With Heart and Hands by Michele Bilyeu
My often copied original design from decades ago 😊

*Free Piecing People/a girl

Fungly Challenge from Tonya Ricucci

Goats,Cows and Pigs from Joyce

Gwen Marston's Variable Star quilt block pattern:

Printer Friendly Version

Hand Quilting without a Hoop

Heart by Tonya Ricucci

Heart...Liberated and Wonky by Sharon of Indigo Threads

Heart...Another technique in piecing by Sarah, House of Krom

Houses by Tonya Ricucci, the Unruly Quilter

*Houses, wonky and liberated ideas from free web images

*Japanese x tutorial: Setsuko Inagawa quilt

*Lego Quilt Tutorial by Tonya 

Liberated Churn Dash Tutorial /
 Shoo Fly or Monkey Wrench Block

Monkey Wrench or Churn Dash or Shoo Fly...

*Liberated and Wonky Flying Geese by Michele With Heart and Hands

*Liberated Pineapples from Yarn, Dogs, and a Few Weirdos....see photo below for wonky pineapple

Letters. . . We've Got Letters by Sharon of Indigo Threads

Liberated Amish 2010 Get Together

Liberated Basket ..Gwen Marston idea, now in lovely baskets of all kinds!

Liberated Spiderweb block - no paper

Little House by Rachel Daisy, a version of the  s Swoon quilt designed by Camille Roskelle

Cross Blocks, Quilts, Directions and Tutorials! From this blog With Heart and Hands!

Mary Quilts Wonky Rails from

Modern Quilt Guild: Free ideas, tutorials, challenges and fun!

Modern Monday Quilt Along by Carroll...ongoing block tutes , great fun!

Modern and Other Generation X Quilt Block Patterns and Tutorials  from GenX Quilters

Liberated Churn Dash Tutorial /
 Shoo Fly or Monkey Wrench Block

 Churn Dash..liberate that block!

Orphans Blocks Tutorial by Finn, Pieces from My Scrapbag

People from Sarah House of Krom

Pocket Change Quilt Pattern download from Jacquie Gehring

Red Cross Block Tutorial by Camp Follower Bags

Scrappy Heart (6 inch)

Scrappy Pieced Heart into a Liberated logs quilt

Shoo Fly from Simple Half Square Triangle
Then, try my wonky version!



Liberated Shoo Fly Block courtesy of
Debbie, The Traveling Quilter

(The 'Shoo Fly' is the same as the
Monkey Wrench and the Churn Dash..see how to links for them or just
wonkify this pattern above and right)

Debbie writes:
"Purposely uneven triangles, giving each block a different personality.
All Shoo Fly blocks have the same star fabric in the center, which provided the color scheme.I designed the quilt to be male-appropriate, and it turns out boys'
quilts are in need at the orphanage where the quilt is headed."

 Pick Up Sticks Quilt

From "Happy Sew Lucky ...pick up sticks, learn the pieced strip technique and how to make cross cuts over and over.

Star, Wonky or Liberated!...The Silly BooDilly: Wonky Star Tutorial Fish Aquarium by Ruthie

Strings ~ Hearts from Mary at

Sarah London's Selvage Star tutorial is a 28 page PDF

Selvage Spider Web tutorial by Jacquie of Tallgrass Prairie

Bee Friends tutorial by Marit

Bee Friends tutorial 

Selvage Spools...The Tutorial! by Jacquie

Slash and Stack Wonky Blocks from Blocks n Swaps

Spinning Spirals of large flowers

Square in Square by Quilt Dad
Use the "Square in a Square and watch it get turned into those boxed up Bentos by Michele of With Heart and Hands
Starry Forest Christmas Tree Skirt by Jacquie Gehring of Tallgrass Prairie

Strings ~ Marys Patriotic Star from

String Quilting:Tutorial and Free Patterns

Taking the Leap Challenge from Tonya Ricucci

Teapots from Tonya

Tic-Tac-Toe BlockSophie's Tic-Tac-Toe Block #4 Sophie's Tic-Tac-Toe Block #7

Liberated Churn Dash Tutorial /
 Shoo Fly or Monkey Wrench Block

Tic-Tac-Toe (8 inch) from Sophie at Sophie's Junction

Tiny Wonky (Maverick) Stars by Bonnie Hunter

Tic-Tac-Toe Quilt Block

TIc-Tac-Toe Directions

Trees - easy freestyle trees by Jean Sophie

Trees 2 - adding complexity

Twinkle, Twinkle, Wonky Star from Sew Take a Hike

Urban Chicken Block  from Michelle Freedman

Wacky Nine Patch...Allsorts uses a cutting technique like the one on Georgia Bonesteele

Wavy Nine Patch by Debbie, The Traveling Quilter

Waverunner by Victoria at Bumble Beans

Wavy Seams Log Cabin from Pink Chalk Studio

Whacky Baskets by Sara from Sara's Scraps

Wonky butterfly by Lynn at the Patcherie Menagerie

Wonky or Liberated Churn Dash Block 

Wonky Cross Block Sew-Along « Sew,Mama,Sew! Blog

Wonky Cross by Elizabeth of Oh Fransson!

Wonky Flying Geese by Michele Bilyeu 

*Wonky heart by BModern

Wonky heart by Tonya Ricucci

Wonky Shoo Fly by Sophie

Wonky Scrappy I Spy log cabin by Sarah, Kromama

  Wonky Star Tutorial

Wonky Squares by Deborah at the Pilgrim's Quilts

Wonky Drunkard's Path from Quilting

Wonky Houses by Tonya, the Unruly Quilter pdf

Wonky/improvisational log cabins from Jenny at Blempgorf

Wonky log cabin by Jacquie at Tallgrass Prairie

Wonky or Maverick Star by Victoria The Silly Boo Dilly

*Wonky Stars by Beth

Wonky, Wacky Nine Patch

Wonky RWB Rails (PDF file) by Maryquilts

*Wonky Seams block from Pink Chalk Studio

Wonky Star Block from The Silly Boo Dilly

*Wonky Star Ring Tutorial by Zonnah

Wonky Shoo Fly from Sophie's Junction

Wonky Spools from Quilter's Cache

Wonky Squares-in-Squares Block from Quilt Dad

Wonkytown from Tonya Ricucci

Houses, wonky and liberated ideas from free web images

WonkyTown - UnRuly Quilter

 Tonya Ricucci ..the Lazy, Unruly, Liberated and Wonky Quilter's Tutorials

Liberated Links:Liberated Quilting Challenge has now ended, thanks to one and all for the donation of over 640 quilts to the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative!!!

Liberated Quilting Blog

Liberated Quilters Yahoo Chat Group

Liberated Quilters Blog & Liberated Quilters Message Board Quilt for AAQI

Houses, wonky and liberated ideas from free web images

Wonky Tidbits:

Tonya Ricucci, the Unruly Quilter

Bonnie K. Hunter, Quiltville: Strings and Crumbs

HeartStrings Quilt Project

Advice from Tonya Riccuci, The Unruly Quilter:

UnRuly Piecing Basics - UnRuly Basics Pdf

Advice from Sophie's Junction:

Three Ways to Wonkify a Traditional Quilt BlockButterfly block tutorial

Dori's Alphabet is paper pieced, but the same idea can be used with free piecing. Dori posted her alphabet at the Quilter Community back in 2006 and I loved it before I even knew what wonky liberated free piecing was! Click on the her name above to link up to that series.

                     Rumi sells the patterns for this set for a small fee of less than $10

I've seen a number of people copy the look above in different colors and not offer the directions or even the pattern. Be smart about what you are looking for on the internet or pinterest!!

Strip Piecing Letters:

Learn by watching the Progress:

Letters. . . We've Got Letters by Sharon of Indigo Threads

Strip Pieced Letters by Brenda of Strips and Strings

Letters by Lynne of the Patchery Menagerie

*Wonky Alphabet Letters Lynne's fabulous work...check her letters in progress

*Strip Piecing Blocks: Learn from Sarah and Molly..liberated block a month

Quilting Tips

Organic Line Quilting by Jacquie of Tallgrass Prairie

Photos and ideas:

I Have Become an Unruly Humbug!...join Tonya's challenge

Splat! pieced fly swatter

Wordplay...word play

Flickr: Free Pieced Quilting Pool

Liberated Amish Challenge 2010

Tonya Riccuci's Fall/Winter Class of 2007

House, Home and Pantry - Fall 2008

Want to try some letters but not sure how to start?

Check out some liberated quilting of the alphabet from other quilters in the past: Dori Hawks created a liberated letters Alphabet Quilt

Become even more liberated with Tonya Ricucci's creative approach her new book Word Play.

Tonya sets the standard for making pieced letters, words, and quilts by
simply getting the idea on graph paper but cutting out, and free-piecing
the letters! Her books shows just how to do it!

Want to see Lynne putting her words into action as she makes the "Red Letter Alphabet"?

Check them all out at her site, or just look up the letter you're having trouble with for other ways of making by one.

Red Letter Quilt Along from Lynne Tyler at:

The Patchery Menagerie

However, if you need that in between place for the concepts, you can
look at or try other 'starter' ideas to get you going. Again,
foundation or paper pieced....but try just looking at it and making it
without using any kind of pattern for the letters:

Denyse Schmidt's Hope Bag

Free download!

From Sujata Shah: The Root Connection

 Click on imagea:

Zig Zag: Tutorial 

Victorian Hexagon Quiltalong

Victorian Hexagon Quiltalong 

  Books of Interest:

Liberated String Quilts

Liberated String Quilts

Gwen Marston

Liberated Quiltmaking

Liberated Quiltmaking

Gwen Marston

Collaborative Quilting

Collaborative Quilting

Freddy Moran, Gwen Marston

Ideas and Inspirations: Abstract Quilts in Solids

MY Blog Post LINKS:

Liberated Quilting

Liberated Quilting Challenge

Liberated Quilting: Free Patterns, Blocks, and Tutorials

Word Play (Quilts)

Michele Bilyeu Creates
With Heart and Hands

My most popular links to patterns and tutorials:

shown as linking photo: my bug swatter for Tonya Ricucci:


google Liberating Quilting and get:

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Michele Bilyeu blogs With Heart and 
Hands as she shares a quilting journey through her life in Salem, Oregon and Douglas, Alaska. Help us change the world, one little quilt at a time!

Michele Bilyeu Creates With Heart and Hands as she shares her imaginative, magical, and healing journey from Alaska to Oregon. Creating, designing, sewing, quilting, and wildcrafting... from my heart and with my hands.