Thursday, September 01, 2011

Quilt Album: Free Give Away

When Pat Sloan emails you and offers you a free copy of a software program called Quilt Album, to give away to a can you possibly say no?

I couldn't ;)

So, now I have a Quilt Album software program... completely free give away to one of you!

And to sweeten the deal, I am throwing in a "softholdable" quilted journal of my own"softwear" design.....complete with buttons and bows and a little fabric loving quilt lady as a second drawing gift!

I think my little quilted journal lady looks a bit like Pat Sloan, herself...what do you think ;)

Quilt Album is an easily downloadable photo album program that allows you to document photos and information for your quilts into a printable photo album.

You download the program, click to open it, and arrive at your opening screen of "add a quilt" and type in the quilt's name in the appropriate box. You can even use a simple "drag and drop" of a quilt photo from any of your file folders on your computer into the Quilt Album screen.

Then simply type in your quilt's information into the designated fields of your quilt album page to make it unique. In just a few minutes, your first page will be done. As each additional page is entered, you get the hang of it and feel more capable and can start adding more and more information. And any time you want to go back and change something...just click on that quilt's photo in the quilt summary and you're back to its page again.

And your album pages are each saved automatically every single time you exit. As soon as you are ready to print a can be printed off either as full pages or half-pages. And you get to choose the font, and the color of the font, you like the best!

Photo can be can be printed off as one per page, if you want a larger photo, or in multiples per page, for smaller. And as I discovered, you can also use any photo collages you have already created in any other programs, as well.

And you can even upload your Quilt Album online... if you want to go green and paper free. And you can upload pages into Flickr and Facebook and onto your ipad and ipod, as well.

Each page you load can contain as little, or as much information as you want for your own use, each and every time with each page. Or you could create different versions..for different uses. For your own album you might include "Started this quilt when granddaughter was born, finished and gave it to her at her bridal shower." But I wouldn't necessarily include that on the gift card ;)

Things that can be included might be:
  • Your quilt's name
  • It's size
  • What year you started it
  • And what year you finally finished it
  • Who designed the pattern
  • Who pieced it
  • Who quilted it
  • What its special design elements might be
  • Or what things you need to remember about that pattern for next time!
It's all up to you to decide what information you want to include. When you get ready to print a page, you 'un-check' any item that you don't want included on the print off.

And each and every time you add a page, it is automatically added to your index, or quilt summary. This summary acts as your quilt record page and your starting off point for connecting to each and every page....either for changing your wording, or printing off that page.

Your album pages can be printed off in half-size pages, or full-sized ones. So, you can make a regular sized quilt photo album to keep at home, and a smaller one to take around with you as your own special "Quilt Brag Book" for sharing with others.

Best of all, there is a feature that allows you to also create and print note cards, business cards, quilt labels, and return address labels. All using your own quilt photos and including as little, or as much, additional information as you might desire.

And you can make note cards in several styles. This is the half-fold card. The program does the arranging for you. Just make sure to check the info you want included...and uncheck the others...before you print ;)

It's great fun to have others know you're a quilter and see your latest, or favorite quilt, at the same time. I am making some to use as note cards for myself. But wouldn't it be fantastic to give a quilt you made as a wedding, birthday, or baby shower gift and make a card with that quilt on it to match?

And what about return address labels ? It does that, as well. Make different pages with different quilt or quilt blocks as the photo for even more fun and variety.

Quilt labels? Make one with a photo of one of the quilt's blocks, add your information, and simply print it off onto a transfer sheet...a personalized label that actually matches the quilt, and features one of its blocks as the photo.

And those 'business' cards? I'm going to make some as handouts for quilt guild friends. A friendship card with a photo from my blog, my name, and my blog's website address. They'll not only remember me, but might even visit my blog, as well ;)

And for those of you those of you interested in a purchase, a downloadable copy of Quilt Album (either Mac or PC versions) is $29.95 or a purchased disc (both versions included if you have multiple computers) for $39.95.

It seems like a very fair price for a program that creates album pages geared specifically for quilters. As the owners/developers have said, they kept the program simple, the price affordable, the last upgrade was free, and help is always available if you have problems or issues. And they even have a money back guarantee if for some reason, this just doesn't work out for you.

And as a special service to my readers, I have a discount code available ...AEX-F7...for any and all purchases of this program you might want to make....whether for yourself, or a gift for a friend.Be sure to enter it on the website's order form before you make your purchase!

And a honest disclaimer here, it does help me out if you buy a program using my own personalized code. I say go for the win, and buy one for a friend ;)

And I have to say that Quilt Album is not a complicated or super fancy art program know the kind that come with a kazillion choices or things to learn....but there are more than enough fonts and colors to choose from to be creative ...and enough fun extras to make the program worthwhile.

Are you ready to win one now???

f you would like a chance(s) to get a Free Quilt Album program......just leave a comment on this post!

And if you would like a chance to win my softcover quilting notes journal, just
become a 'friends/connect' follower in the right sidebar and include that information in your comment....that you are a follower or are becoming one....for the extra drawing for the journal!

And please remember, if you sign in and comment as 'anonymous' or don't have a connecting blog or aren't a 'follower/friend' include your email address or contact info. I need a way to contact you, AND mail you one of these gifts should you win!

Oh, I do so love giving things away ......almost as much as I love winning them, myself!


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