Saturday, July 19, 2008

Butterfly Quilts: Updated 2018

Butterfly quilts are still much sought after and beautifully popular. As symbols of re-birth and metamorphosis, we are drawn to their symbolic imagery of awakening to a new life, new opportunities and the chance to be 'born again' into all that we wish and dream we might become.

I have been collecting free butterfly quilt patterns for some time, and was motivated by the beautiful butterfly quilts at the 2008 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show in Sisters, Oregon to combine those quilt photographs with my free butterfly quilt patterns .

Butterfly Quilt:filled with colorful butterflies & easy to follow pattern by Janel Lyles.Download Instructions Click here to download a .pdf.

B is for Butterfly:

Colorful Butterfly: easy butterfly block

Batik Butterflies with a hint of an Amish look.

Fluttering by Butterfly quilt block

Fluttering Butterfly: quilt block that is great for the beginner.

Applique Butterfly

Butterflies, Wonky Free Piecing Tutorial by Lynne of the Patcherie Menagerie

Butterfly BlockTutorial by Mrs. Schmenkman Quilts

Charming Butterfly Blocks by

Zen Garden Butterfly: free butterfly quilt pattern courtesy of Jane Sassaman

 Sometimes "patterns" ate simply drawings like the one above. Enlarge, print.

Butterfly Pattern
Butterfly Pattern
Butterfly Pattern

Butterfly Pattern

Butterfly Pattern

Quilt Blocks Image Gallery

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-- DIY Decor: Miniature Appliqué Quilt
Photo: © Leigh Beisch
Project excerpted from Whip Up Mini Quilts: 

Alex Anderson link no longer comnects but you can still be inspired or create domething similar.

Butterfly Quilt, free pattern by Alex Anderson (including a butterfly template) for the Always & Forever collection at P&B Textiles.


Anonymous said...

I really like your patterns here. The one I'd really like to find the pattern to is the stained glass one, but the link just goes to a place to look at patterns...and I'm not savvy enough to find it from there. Lots of patterns to think about and I'm wanting a butterfly quilt for my daughter...her last one was called Harvest of the Heart and it was heart appliques done in fruits. Theresa

Michele Bilyeu said...

I am do sorry if links fail to work. This usually means it was removed at the originating source. If i know a link is broken i always try to replace or correct it but many designers discontinue offers or sites close and the original pattern cannot be found found or used to link up to.