Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Man Marries Dog

A 33 year old man P. Selvakumar in the Sivagna district of Tamil Nadu (Manamadurai) India, has married a formerly stray dog, named Selvi.

Selva Kumar tied a 'mangal sutra' on his canine bride at the Ganesh temple. The 10 year old sari clad 'bride' was brought to the temple in a grand bridal procession and feted with a bridal feast following the ceremony, where she feasted on bread.

He said he married the dog as a form of atonement for stoning and clubbing two other dogs to their deaths, 15 years ago. On the advice of his astrologer, he made up for his vile act, which had physically and emotionally scarred him. He had immediately suffered a stroke and could not move his left arm and legs and became deaf. He now walks with a stick and believes he suffered the 'curse of the dogs.'

To atone for this grievous act, he was advised to do penance by a cultural ceremony, vowing to care and protect Selvi for the rest of their lives.


  1. Um.....
    That's, ummm...........
    You could, hmmmm........
    OK, just spit it out --

  2. I'm sure everyone else in the picture is just there for the spectacle. I understand having to care for a dog - but to marry it! I don't know if it is the man or the astrologer that is more mentally ill. I get a feeling that this marriage isn't going to last very long.

  3. Speechless....no really...speechless

  4. My goodness, you busy girl you, I turn my back for a coupla days and there are ten posts from you! hehe. This one is just too weird. Very interesting. Holly was here :)


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